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How can I brag with Google Maps?

Asked by rhodes54 (415points) March 29th, 2010 from iPhone

I have 100+ ‘pins’ (“locations”, whatever) in Google’s My Maps that I’ve been adding to over the years of all the places I’ve had gigs. For whatever reason, ¬†Google breaks my list into 2 pages so the pins from the 1st page don’t show up on the 2nd. ¬†Does anyone know how to fix that and/or import into Facebook/TripAdvisors “Cities I’ve Visited” or some other more user-friendly map sharing site/app?

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You can fix it yourself with photo-editing. Display the map with ZERO pins and “subtract” that from the two maps with pins. Any black areas are pin-less. You can use this as a mask to create images of the pins which are otherwise transparent and then overlay those images onto the original map. (actually you only need to create one pin map and overlay it on the second map w/ pins as generated by google).

jrpowell's avatar might be able to help. If not you could use the Google Maps API and roll your own. It is shockingly easy.

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@malevolentbutticklish is your solution something I would do within Google? I’d like for the “map” to remain interactive so I can add new things or edit old ones.

Wayfaring and Panoramio look cool, but I didn’t see any way to import my existing Google Maps ‘pins’ into them. Did I miss something? I’ll check out the Google Maps API when I’m not browsing on the phone. Thanks y’all!

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@rhodes54: No, my suggestion would not happen within google. Look at what The Onion does. They have way more than 50 points.

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@malevolentbutticklish :: They use the api and add the data themself. It isn’t hard.

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You can show them where Top Gear’s stig was caught on Streetview. Twice.

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That’s a really cool link. That’s exactly what I need to learn.

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