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How do you make a BBQ saucy grilled hamburger patty?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10280points) March 30th, 2010

Everytime I try to do this the burger simply doesn’t come out how I like it. I don’t remember where I had a burger like I imagine. Ideally the burger would be pretty plain in the center, but have a nice bbq sauce covered outside. The bbq sauce ideally would be slightly caramelized/gooey from the grilling but not burnt. Calling all Grill Masters!

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Best would be if the bbq sauce somehow made into the first 3mm of the patty as well…

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You simply create your patties just as you would any other time but make sure that you do not sear them on the grill and slather the sauce on while it is cooking, turning it often. coating the top layer with brown sugar helps greatly.

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- Use a good-quality ground beef patty, even thickness with a slight dimple in the center to account for swelling during cooking. This will ensure even cooking.

- Make your own barbecue sauce or use your favorite brand.

- Cook the hamburger over medium high heat on a hardwood charcoal grill with hickory wood chips for smoke. Only flip once and keep the lid shut.

- Two minutes before the burger is done, brush it with barbecue sauce to glaze. Top with a slice of smoked cheddar and let it melt a bit.

- Serve on a toasted bun with caramelized onions and sliced tomato, keep extra sauce handy.

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Spongebob Squarepants at your service.

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Also I forgot to mention just salt & pepper on the burger. It should taste like a burger, not meatloaf!

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@PupnTaco Taht made me seriously hungry. And I am trying not to eat much meat.

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The timing has to be just right. Don’t put it on too soon, because the hamburger has to be nice and hot to get the right caramelizing. I once had good luck by putting my barbecue sauce in a small pan and heating it first.

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@PupnTaco what cut of ground beef would you recommend for this? or anyone else

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@Ltryptophan I only use the lowest fat content ground beef. I don’t buy any other kind. The ground steak is even better, but I’m used to the taste of the 95% ground beef.

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@Ltryptophan When I want to do it right, I grind one chuck steak and one sirloin steak together. It’s the perfect mix of flavor, texture, and fat.

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@PupnTaco That is a very good solution. I used to use my grinder a lot, but it got too hard for me to clean up.

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