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What to do about impromptu incontinence?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10819points) March 30th, 2010

You’re going about your life and for any reason you like your sphincter notifies you that your bowels have sent more than it can withstand. There is no more time, and defocation must commence. You are in public, and there are people in all directions, now what….

How do you deal with the aftermath…

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The best you can. Keep it together, block out the existence of all people around till you get somewhere you can clean up.

You don’t need to add stress to an already stressful situation.

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slander? I’m lost.

I agree with @ChazMaz.

Also, if someone figures it out – keep in mind that it takes a truly tacky person to point out what happened. unless they are like 3 years old…maybe 4.

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Oh…wow…I thought you were talking about URINARY incontinance…the other, well, so sorry for you! haha

My only issue has been riding my horse…yep, a beer and a gallop uphill tends to leave a spot on the saddle! lololol

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Wow. I guess make a beeline for the nearest restroom and deal with it. At least in a stall you have a supply of fresh water.
Manually squeeze butt cheeks together an the way. At this point, who cares if you get a few strange looks? That’s a pretty much universal sign. You’re more likely to generate sympathy and maybe even unexpected help in the form of a coat or something to wear over top until you can get home.

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Go clean up, tell anyone who notices “hey shit happens”

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I have a friend who deals with this problem everyday. He’s 47 yrs old and prefers not to leave home because he cannot determine if he’ll have an attack. He squeezes,breathes deep,and moves quickly to the nearest restroom. He’s been in all kinds of public places and he finds himself asking for help from anyone nearby, to get management or a janitor, even though he does the clean up himself. Most people do not let him down and help in any way they can. I think most people become aware quickly at how horrible and embarrassing it is for him and it makes them feel uncomfortable and kind of helpless. It’s an instant and unpredictable thing to deal with. He lives in a big city with good medical options,and Drs. have been trying for 3 years to figure it out. So far,nothing has helped.

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Just laugh it off and clean it up! It is just food making an exit. It was no big deal when you were eating it, why should it matter now?

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@YoH Wouldn’t he feel better with the new, thin, disceet adult diapers?

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@davidbetterman Why should it fecal matter now? ;-)

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@faye I’ve suggested but he says he’s a man,and shouldn’t have to live like this. It’s really hard for him. He can no longer work and has become reclusive. The Drs are retrying what already hasn’t worked. That makes me think the Drs will have to suggest surgery as a last resort. He’s also a diabetic with one kidney and has multitude of good Drs.

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He’s right, he shouldn’t have to. I would wear the diapers instead of the embarrassment. They are truly like a thicker pair of underwear, I had them for my mom.

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@faye I agree and I’m respecting his choice but also encouraging him to think past what is, and opt for the protection. ‘Thanks’

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I just continue whatever I was doing as if nothing happened, but I take care to wear dark brown pants so that I don’t have to keep a spare pair on hand. I hope that new electric underpants will solve the problem.

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There are many products on the market today for people with incontinence issues. My Mother used to cut up blankets and tape them to her underwear, so she could just dispose of them – in the days before the peel and stick products now available. They come in every size and shape and could be just the thing – much more comfortable than the full panties types.

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