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I have fine hair - help with "bald spots" on my head?

Asked by Kokoro (1424points) March 31st, 2010

I’m Asian and have very fine hair. If I put my hair up, sometimes little “cracks” will show my scalp, and it looks really ugly. Any problem solvers for this since I don’t have enough hair to hide my head per se? Should I just style it differently?

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Even though I have super thick hair, I still have some “bald” spots around my hairline. It’s rather annoying.

You could go to a hair stylist and ask about products that give the appearance of more hair (I see a bunch of these kinds of products advertised for men, but I’m sure there are ones for women too), or you could buy some clip-in extensions to add some volume. However, if you don’t want to spend any money, experimenting with different styles is probably your best bet. Side parts can be good depending on how you do them, and down-do’s are probably going to be less “revealing” than up-do’s. However, I’m not even close to having extensive knowledge about hair so definitely do some research!

Hopefully someone else can be of more help than I am. Sorry!
Also, I “kokoro” your username. :D

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my friend had that and she used willagrow not sure if I spelt it correctly, she also cut it short. It has helped a lot. (she also styles it to cover it).

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I empathize with you, Kokoro. I have very fine hair and have the same problem. Sometimes this problem can be hormonal. It might be a good idea to have your hormones checked. It can also be bought on by stress or even some medications. Check out all of these options if you can. In the meantime, keep your hair short as this helps to hide the “bald” spots. Good luck.

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Two words. Fish oil. capsules

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I don’t usually talk about my illness but I had to go through some medical treatment that unfortunately caused me to lose hair. I discovered the joys of hair pieces and scarves, but was disappointed when my hair grew back that it was thin in places. i found many places that sell snap and clip in fake hair pieces. I discovered the joys of extensions and weaves. I also found bobby pins are a blessing. Just taking a bobby pin and pinning a little hair over a thin spot can be a good trick. Tying a headband or scarf strategically can hide a spot. A decorative comb or barret bow or flower can be strategically placed. Hair spray and teasing is helpful. Blow drying your hair upside down makes it look fuller too.

Fake Hair isn’t only for drag queens. It can be quite fun. You can even by faux clip on bangs. They are very popular with celebrities.

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They make products that increase thickness. They are volumizers.
I have thick hair but I buy them for my Husband.
When I blow his hair out they work well. You need to blow air in.

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Shave it all off.

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