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What's the psychological definition of a skeptical person ?

Asked by Odysseus (2746points) April 1st, 2010

please break it down to the factors that create a skeptic if you can

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AKA me.

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do you mean Ronald Dworkin anyarnladyimen ?

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Thanks, I assume he is telling me that pdworkin is the definition of a skeptic, yet It can also mean that pdworkin has the answer to my question

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@timodysseusenew Great Answer.

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Good chance it’s both. Be warned, sarcasm is his middle name.

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Yeah but the origin is Greek skeptikos meaning doubt, thanks benyarnladyew but that’s not what I asked.

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I’m not sure I know what you mean by “psychological definition”. I would classify a skeptic as someone that requires empirical proof to accept something as fact; a person that doesn’t have faith in…anything, if it cannot be sensed by…any of the five senses; a person whose cup is usually half empty.

Hell I don’t know. I tried!.

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A skeptic is simply a realist in cynic’s clothing.

Psychologically that would make him a manic supressive with an ostiomeatal complex…

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Indeed you did try timfuturememorydrewen, but personally I would suggest that a skeptics cup is neither half full nor half empty, :-D

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Totally empty?

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my last comment justified timdavidbettermanewen’s answer :-) nice 1

@anfuturememoryimen , No dude, empty = pessimist , remember.

Im erring to the side that… *(edit) hmm never mind , I will conclude later

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If it’s a chronic, persistent, never-ending habit its called: unhappiness. Healthy scientific skepticism is one thing but some people become downright nasty when they close their minds off to belief. I’d rather have my mind open to wonder than closed to belief.

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@timodysseusewen I beg to differ please break it down to the factors that create a skeptic

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I’d answer your question, but I don’t know is I should. Seems kinda strange to me.

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Are you asking about Tom?

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When I was a kid, my grandmother would ask, ‘if the other kids jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?.

Actually, I was the guy swinging from the bridge and walking across the girders and the other kids followed but I never jumped.

I am a skeptic in the sense that extraordinary claims, require extraordinary proof. That’s why I’m not religious or likely to believe in fad science like past life regression, or the end of the world in 2012. I am likely to believe that the individual to whom I am speaking is telling me the truth. If I find that he or she lied, to me, previously, I will be skeptical from then on.

I prefer to take everyone at face value but never believe mass media or follow the crowd.

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I would say the definition would be along the lines of:

An individual who seeks out scientific evidence before committing in certainty to ANYTHING….anything that cannot be explained by the human construct of science is therefore null and void for this individual.

Much like a lab mouse only believing in what it understands; the food bowl, the water dispenser, the wheel…..and the mouse reaches the pinnacle of existence when it gets to the end of the maze. For the mouse, there is nothing more.

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I’m a skeptic. I actually belong to a couple of skeptic groups.
@anj0eyen Hit the nail on the head.

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I’m a skeptic and I like a well-lubricated prefrontal cortex.

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Best concise answer can be found here

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