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Why does it seem that supply and demand doesn't apply to southpaws?

Asked by AstroChuck (37438points) April 1st, 2010 from iPhone

1 in 9 people are left-handed. But you would never know that when shopping. Why is it that I have such a difficult time finding scissors, a manual can opener, or a travel mug that’s designed for lefties? I even have trouble finding a baseball glove I like. Sure, they sell those at sporting goods stores but the selection is always lacking. Same goes for left-handed golf putters.
And, dammit. I want my lefty bowling shoes. What gives?

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Because you are all freaks and should be destroyed. ;)

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The same applies to moderators and cops. They’re all over the fucking place until you really want one.

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I’m a lefty too.

Yep, some challenges to be sure.

One thing I hate is the elbowing others when dining if seated too close together.

Also the pens on chains in banks, etc. Always stretching it as far as it will go. haha

Of course, then if you add in the blonde factor..well, lets just say don’t EVEN let me near a knife, and especially not after a bit of wine!

I am never going to be a Ginsu master. lol

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I’ve come across a few made-for-lefties items in my time, but it isn’t worth the expense to create a product that one out of nine people won’t use; they’ll go to the competition, instead. I feel ya. Scissor handles can bite into your skin on your thumb and cramp your hand. Plus, have you ever noticed how short chains are for doctor’s office pens? It’s ridiculous!

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But when we hold hands I get to use my dominate hand (left) and she gets to use hers (right). That makes up for this cruel world.

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I gave you a great question for the Leftorium reference.

Although you would think that it might make a difference the problem is that lefties still buy right handed products. Even though they’re less effective products for lefties it is far cheaper to take the hit by making only one set of tooling. A company devoted to making left handed products might do well as long as they’re fairly small. The problem is companies that sell the products, like WalMart, would have to devote shelf space and stocking time to them. I think the major constraint is that the move from producing 100% right handed to a 90/10 split would make very little difference in company revenue and would cost initial capital to start. Overall there may be no monetary benefit to producing these products.

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I’m a lefty and even though things aren’t exactly catered to us, it’s not really a big enough problem that I’d even say anything. Not only that, but it’s kind of obvious why their aren’t many lefty-specific products for us, it isn’t money efficient.

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Here’s a passing thought, does anyone think that as fewer people are forced to be right-handed, there will be more natural lefties in the world? And then, we might see a demand rise for the products some of us could really use!

I am lucky in that I adapted to many things early on because my right-handed mom couldn’t figure out how to teach me. This means that I golf, bat, throw, knit, play tennis and use scissors right-handed. I’ve been trying to learn how to crochet and that seems to go better left-handed. However, with a knife, it depends on what I’m doing. Peeling an apple is right-handed, cutting on a cutting board is left-handed. Using a vegetable peeler varies. Mixing, scraping & measuring is usually left-handed, but pouring a liquid ingredient is done with either hand. Cracking eggs is only left-handed. When I learned how to correctly frost & decorate a cake, I started out right-handed, but realized I was more dexterous with my left hand. When I found myself getting frustrated, I would usually notice that I had my offset spatula in my right hand. And when I run a teller window, I want my cash drawer to my left and my keyboard & mouse to the right because I ten-key & use a mouse right-handed.

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Dammit, Astrochuck, you’re right. We should unionize and bring a petition for better representation to the desk of our (left-handed!) president.

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@an-holden-enim – I’m in! I’ll even pay union dues!

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@AstroChuck any complaints in life can be coverted into buisness ideas…Make the Leftorium and free us all…(make some money too)

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those effin chained on pens in banks and post offices. and I could never learn caligraphy

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Time to emancipate all pens in chains!

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yes it’s economically more viable to liquidate left handed people, lol

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Hey…us lefties have turbo charged brains…one lefty can whoop two righties! hahaha

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Profit depends on market share – why design, tool up and manufacture for the smallest possible market when you can have the largest market? There are weapons, golf clubs etc, but for mass market items there is no incentive.

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Being left handed can be a drag. I’m left dominate all the way. Eyes, hands, feet, you name it. I first discovered that it was different during little league as a child when I had to wear my glove on the other hand compared to everyone else and bat on the other side of the plate.

I’ve been raised in a house full of righties, so everything here is right handed aside from my personal stuff. I had to adapt. I would find it weird to use a lefty can opener simply because I’ve never used one. I would bet the same would go for other appliances and the like.

I do have one task that I perform right handed. I play guitar right handed because I we already had right handed guitars and I figured it’d be the same to learn either way. I feel like learning that skill opposite handed has made more ambidextrous

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Freedom for lefties!!!

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