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What to do about kitty having dandruff?

Asked by oreo45 (746points) April 2nd, 2010

My 10 year old cat(short hair) is very healthy, yet a little over weight. I brush her often. but cant get rid of her dandruff. What causes it, what can I do for her? Ive thought of cat vitamins, or even human dandrft shampoo. any ideas?

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Short shrift.

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There are a number of medical reasons for cats to have dandruff, not the least of which is eating a poor diet and being overweight. DO NOT bathe your cat in human dandruff shampoo as these products are not designed for cats and can aggravate the problem.

Try switching to a better food for starters. Work with your vet to resolve the cat’s weight and dandruff issues. You didn’t indicate where you live, but if the cat has been indoors all winter with little humidity, that can also be a contributing factor to the dandruff.

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@Kayak8 Colorado(dry weather) she is an indoor cat.

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what kind of food do you feed that cat? i had a cat that had been a stray, and when ig to him his coat was dry and flaky. i started feeding him decent quality canned food (as a stray some lady had been feeding him hard food, probably poor quality, it is nice of anybody to feed strays and i think more people should so i am not complaining), but when i got him i started feeding him Friskies buffet or whatever canned my other cats eat, and his coat got really nice quickly. do you feed hard food and/or cheap quality?

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dandruff…..can be mistaken for skin allergies as well. look into allergenic shampoos. FOR ANIMALS!

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@MagicalMystery I feed her Iams(dry) I think for the price its pretty high quailty cat food.

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I heard that sprinkling some olive oil on your cat’s food can help. My cat wouldn’t touch her food with olive oil on it, so it didn’t work for her.

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There are a number of websites that rate the quality of pet foods. This one links to a number of sites for cat food. Some foods are pricey but that doesn’t make them well-balanced or good for your pet.

The best place to consult for what appears to be dandruff of unknown origin is your cat’s veterinarian!

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My vote is with the weight. Overweight cats cannot properly groom themselves.

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The weight is probably a factor. Get her on a ‘less active’ diet and see if some weight loss helps.

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They have cat dandruff shampoos. :)

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@Cupcake I give her the weight control food. @ThrallKiller as much as I hate giving her a bath, wheredo I find this shampoo?

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go to your local pet supply store – petco, petsmart, whatever.

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Wear white underwear.

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