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Is two guys riding on a motorcycle together "gay"?

Asked by evry1luvzaazngrl (268points) April 3rd, 2010

I made a poll on this and a lot of people said “Yes” and that they make fun of them. Also, why is it GAY if two guys ride on a motorcycle together but not if two girls ride together? What if it’s a guy and his dad, brother, nephew, son, etc.?

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No way! Now it would be silly to think something like that!

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Looks gay, but not gay.

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Strange insinuation.Brokeback bikers,nah.

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What a weird question. No, of course not.

Also, I resent the casual use of “gay” as an epithet.

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Only if they’re having sex while riding.

We have an innate fear of two men showing any contact beyond back slaps here in the U.S. In India, this wouldn’t even be a question.

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@gemiwing You say innate fear.

I say immaturity.

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Why is it automatically ‘gay’ if two men show affection for each other? Affection doesn’t automatically meant anything sexual. Besides, if they were gay, what difference does it make?

It is sort of like the priest I went to confession to, ages ago when I believed in that nonsense. He asked if I was involved with anyone. Those were his exact words. I was at the time seeing someone, a new relationship and said yes. I then spent the next few minutes trying to defend myself to this asshole priest that I was dating someone, not sleeping with them. I think he was just looking for salacious confessions.

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@Grisaille I agree, it is immaturity at its finest, well, not finest, but you get the idea.

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Not gay. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when one of the people who said yes to that spouted that nonsense in front of a couple Hell’s Angels.

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I’m curious to know who you polled? Middle schoolers?

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There are some unique mechanical characteristics involved when one man sits behind another man on a vibrating leather seat. . . Just saying.

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It’s all a bit village people but maybe he just needs a lift.

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I suppose if they are smiling and laughing one could assume they are happy.

Oh wait, look at me assuming things before knowing the details, you mean homosexual.

Um… no.

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No, but it makes it easier and more appealing for gay men. It’s in a neutral zone with opportunity.

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No its not gay, Who did you poll?

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I read an FML where a girl had an orgasm with her legs around her father on his motorcyle, is that incest?

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I also want to know who you polled.

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Is there a sign on the back of the motorcycle that says “Just Married?” That might be gay. Otherwise, it’s very hard to tell without asking them, “Pardon me, biker dudes, are you gay?” Let me know if that works out for you.

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Depends,,,,are they riding in the 69 position ??

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It may look gay, but it isn’t gay*! Go and have funxD Try not to care what other stupid people think….

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Are two women lesbians if they sit on a washing machine together during the
“spin” cycle?

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I don’t think it looks gay or assume they are gay. Why does it matter where this poll is from? It’s not an actual poll but I counted how many people said “yes” and this was from an in the motorcycle section.

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Ah, the irrefutable data from Yahoo!, the fount of all wisdom.

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Well, it is a “question/answer” site and a lot of people go there…so I’d get more opinions ya know? I also asked on here for more opinions

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Is our children learning?

G.W. Bush

Another “Yahoo” heard from.

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@Buttonstc: Bless you. I was restraining myself.

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It doesn’t necessarily look gay, but it is naturally awkward. People who aren’t idiots understand the practical necessity of the action, though. So, it’s not too much to worry about if your only making impressions on strangers.

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Yeah, I think it’s obvious that they isn’t.


evry1luvzaazngrl's avatar

Again, this isn’t another “Oh I heard from yahoo and blah blah” facts. Opinions are opinions, what difference is it where I ask on a site? Is known for something that I don’t know?

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@Buttonstc: Aren’t that the truth.

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Not unless the guy is holding the other, anyway I have the tendency to misdjudge.

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Yes, it’s known for immaturity and abject ignorance (in addition to lack of any comprehension of basic grammar)

Does that answer your question sufficiently?

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…happy to be of service.


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@evry1luvzaazngrl The question you asked on Yahoo was quite different than the one you asked on here.

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If it’s true that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”

then, the obvious corollary would be:

What happens on Yahoo SHOULD stay on Yahoo.


In case it isn’t obvious yet, let me drop you a little hint to hopefully make life a little less confusing:

Fluther and Yahoo Answers are vastly different sites. Don’t let the Q&A structure similarity mislead.

Different goals, attitudes, and methodology. Stick around a while and it will be obvious.

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When I lived in the dorms, I’d meet my room mate a block away to be a passenger on his motorcycle. I was self conscious about it, but it probably wouldn’t bother me now. The nature of the vehicle requires that you mesh with the driver. However, if the vibration and straddling cause certain parts to press into the driver, I guess you could find some latent gayness… or at least awkwardness.

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First of all it looks gay but it actually isn’t. It’s just like 2 guys riding in a car together. And second of all I still think it looks gay if two girls ride on a motorcycle together. But as I said before it’s not.

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You’re right that looks gay too, but very sexy!

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Talk about a double standard…

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I’ve done this with my best bud. Yea, it totally looks gay, but neither of us had boners afterward.

Hey, it was freshman year in college, and we wanted pizza. I had a bike, neither of us had a car. So we had to do what we had to do. The gayest part was the way home, when he was pressed up on my back so he could get a good grip on the pizza boxes that were leaning on the tank.

One other time he had a catering event miles away. Again, freshmen in college. He had no ride, and he couldn’t miss the event b/c he needed the cash. That was SUPER GAY. Picture this, me in my jeans and t-shirt. Him in tuxedo pants, shirt, and bowtie, behind me.

Whatever, I’ve only sexed women in my day so I feel ok with it.

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No, I think the other guy needed a ride. Seriously, not at all.

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@mrrich724: Traditionally, “to sex” was to determine the gender of say, baby chicks.” Has that too bitten the dust?

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Maybe he’s only determined the gender of women before?

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@Laureth: t’s more challenging to sex chickens, (I am told).

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@Gail &Laureth

This whole thread just keeps inexorably deteriorating, doesn’t it ? Not that it had a particularly auspicious start to begin with :)

There is no hope for it.

Isn’t this one of the signs of the Apocalypse or something ?

Maybe I’m just confused :)

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@liminal – I like your reference to gay meaning happy.
You should go read this website, It discusses all about how gay changed meaning and why it should start changing back, and what are some better words for all sexual preferences that aren’t based on stereotypes.

@evry1luvzaazngrl – People get so uptight about this type of thing nowadays even though the world is so much more accepting of homosexuality. I know a lot of guys that have motorcycles that aren’t gay, but if all they have is a bike and they want to give someone a ride there is only one place to sit. Only an idiot would make an assumption of a persons sexuality based on something like that. Its just like when guys go into a movie theater and have to sit with an open seat between them. Why? Sitting next to someone of the same sex doesn’t make you gay, and anyone that assumes you must be is an idiot.

The only thing that makes someone gay is if they feel romantic or sexual desire for people of the same sex. And what business is it of yours if they do or don’t anyway?

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