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How could I spend less time on my xbox?

Asked by BoredAndConfused (4points) April 3rd, 2010

Hey, Im pretty much a 360 addict – play CoD MW2 on weekends and school nights.
Im actually a pretty social guy & spend my weekend afternoons out then spend the night in. But I have important exams coming up in the next two months (GCSE’s) and need to ‘knuckle down’, get off the box and revise – I truly am hooked, and need help/advice to get off it!

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Turn it off, unplug it, separate the box from the hard drive, and give the controller and stuff to different friends and make them swear not to give them back until you are done with your studies.

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Sell it.

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play Mw2 also, but get rid of it..

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Unplug it and put it in storage until the GRE’s are over. If you don’t have storage that you don’t have easy access to, give it to a friend to keep for you and tell them not to give it back until the GRE’s are over.

That is if you know you don’t have the willpower to ration your time with the XBox and stick by the schedule you make. Good luck with the exams :)

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Just stay off.

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GSCE’s not GRE’s sorry about that :P

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Go out with friends instead. Get a job? Give it to someone else to keep away from you.

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You need to prioritize. Ask yourself, do you want to do well on your exams or do you want to spend your time playing a video game.

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Get your mum or dad to take it to work and leave it there.

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Lock it somewhere and give the key to someone else, then tell them to give you the key back on a certain day (after your done with your exams).

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Read a book.

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take the hard drive and put it in a short-term storage place. tell them to deny access to it until your exams are over. It’s how I got off my PSP.

If you’re just trying to limit your use, they have power adapters with timers on them.

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Just don’t do it.

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Find another hobby that you enjoy doing. Go out and run around outside, play sports, go out with friends, watch tv…there’s tons of things you can do! Get rid of your XBOX for a little while and make a promise to yourself not to play it! lol

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