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How are girls supposed to wear bandanas?

Asked by xRIPxTHEREVx (378points) April 6th, 2010

I’ve been wanting to start sporting a bandana instead of just a hat for the past two years, but I can’t figure out what looks right on girls. I want sort of a rocker look to it. Help me out? Some picture links would be great.

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Around their waists. If it’s too small, don’t wear a bandana.

Joking, of course…

Girls are supposed to wear bandanas however they wish to. Social standards dictate that females are supposed to wear bandanas in the triangle-fashion, with the point of the triangle facing the backs of their heads.

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This is the only way I’ll wear a bandanna.
I really just can’t stand having it tied like @DrBill‘s link.

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I agree with rangerr! The headband type style is the way to go:

Or, wearing it around your neck is always pretty badass too:

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I think topless is the correct answer!

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Any way you want to.

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On their hips drives me nuts.

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I love to wear Rosie’s style! I think it’s the best way. Here is a little tutorial I found. I will try and track down the better one I learned from!

EDIT: Found the excellent tutorial!!

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@IBERnineD We can all look like rabbits now!

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how ever you want to were one…

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@DrBill That video tutorial had me LOL for sure. “Ooops, I did it wrong” is just hilarious, and “sorry for my nakedness” nearly had me on the floor.

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@rangerr I guess I prefer the “rabbit” look opposed to the “I wear this to catch my sweat” look ;)

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@IBERnineD Well… considering I work on a ranch.. that’s what it’s for most of the time :) Plus it works for your boy!

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@rangerr Touché my dear, but the operative word in your sentence is “boy”, this is about how girls should wear bandannas!

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What is the girl’s sexual orientation?

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