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How would the Swiss Guards protect the Vatican against an attack ?

Asked by Pretty_Lilly (4655points) April 11th, 2010

They are bodyguards to the Pope as well as palace guards but they look like Cirque De soleil performers or a punchinello and all they posses as a weapon are decorative spears !?
PS: This is not a religious question therefore:I have no desire to hear from religion/Catholicism/Pope haters.

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Maybe they have Swiss Army Knives hidden in the folds of their puffy shirts.

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No, they have water pistols loaded with Holy†Water.

I have no desire to hear from religion/Catholicism/Pope haters.

Who could possibly hate the Pope? He looks so cute in his little red frock.

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@DarkScribe OK! That would keep Rush Limbaugh out but what are the chances he would want to storm the Vatican ?————Unless he thinks they are hoarding unlimited supply of Oxycontin

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they have modern weapons used for protection as well, They also have gaurds that dont wear those decorative uniforms( at least I assume they do

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I must say though Holy water won’t repel Rush Limbaugh. They only way to keep Rush Limbaugh and Micheal Moore at bay is thick skin.

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Maybe they all Yodel off-key. Imagine the sonic backlash!

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Wikipedia has this to say about Swiss Guard weaponry so I guess they could use those items listed below to defend the Pope:

Besides their traditional arms, the Swiss Guard also has contemporary non-ceremonial small arms, like SIG P225 pistols, Heckler & Koch MP5A3 submachine guns and SIG SG 550 assault rifles at its disposal for security duties. Besides the Heckler & Koch MP5A3, these small arms are also in use by the Swiss military. The Guard also engages in yearly rifle competition and receives self-defense instruction, as well as basic instruction on defensive bodyguard tactics similar to those used in the protection of many heads of state.

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Very flamboyantly.

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The guards uniforms were designed by Michelangelo and were modified only once, in the 1950’s, to add a pocket for grenades. I don’t they’re people you would want to fuck with.

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@Bluefreedom Hold on a minute. I thought they got rid of the MP5’s and replaced them with MP7’s for armour piercing capability. The Sig’s make sense though especially since the UCP isn’t out yet. 9mm seems a little small for protection.

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In spite of being a historically neutral country, military service is compulsory for male citizens, with about a year of active duty in the militia at age 19–20, followed by 10 years of reserve service. It’s voluntary for women, but mandatory for men. Even though the Swiss Guard may look like lightweights in ceremonial garb, they are among the best trained soldiers in the world.

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@Bugabear. Maybe Wikipedia hasn’t updated the Swiss Guard article page yet. They still list the MP5 submachine guns on there.

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@Bluefreedom I guess so. Or maybe they canceled the deal.

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