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a trade...(read inside for details)

Asked by Mtl_zack (6759points) March 9th, 2008

i have really long hair and i love it this way. but the only problem is, my parents don’t agree with me. they think its messy and unproffessional and looks stupid. i’m willing to cut my hair, if and only if my parents give me something of value in return, because my hair is valuable to me. i come to you, the flutherites, to help me think of something of great value that i can trade for my hair.

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How about the value of knowing your hair went to a great cause by donating it to those wigs for kids with cancer… I can’t think of many things that have a greater value than helping others, especially when they’re sick, sad and scared. Maybe if someone knows of a link to one of those organizations that does that they could post here.

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How old are you? It’s only natural for kids to want to defy their parents. Everyone does it, but not everyone negotiates. If you really want something of value in exchange for cutting your hair, you must assign a dollar value to your hair.

As such:
1. Will you lose a job by cutting your hair? Probably not. In fact, you might be able to get a better job with nicely groomed locks. Hair value: $0.00
2. Will you be able to sell the hair, once it’s cut? No, but as mentioned above, you can donate it to people who really need it. Hair Value: $0.00
3. Is losing the long hair a liability to your income? Unless you are a model, probably not. Hair value: $0.00

I could go on, but we’re not making any progress, but you see my point. Hair is hair, and it’s only valuable to people who can’t grow their own (See: the hair-regrowth industry). If you want to keep your hair, that’s between you and your parents, but asking for something of real monetary value is a bit much.

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i am actually thinking of donating my hair. i know some organizations, because my dad is an oncologist and my om works with patients in a hospital. and in response to blunckhouse, i work in retail and i could lose my job if it is not cut properly. if a razor makes my new doo uneven, i could definatly lose my job because my boss is really OCD about neatness and perfection. but its not just that, my hair has significant sentimental value to me. as well, i am a darwinist, and i think there is a reason for my hair that can affect my health. science just hasnt come up with an answer yet. i am also jewish (i balance the darwinistic part of me and the jewish side) and hair is a holy part of the body.

by the way, im 18 and i live in montreal and its freezing and the hair warms me up.

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It’s your hair, and someday it might not be there. If you’re happy with it, and you’re happy with the way you look, don’t cut it until you’re ready. Doctors aren’t turned away from med school or a practice because they have a groomed pony tail down their back. If you must, just make it look neat.

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i think i found my solution. ill propose this deal in he morning: Herbie Hancock, one of my favorite living jazz musicians, is going to be holding concerts in ottawa, vancouver and new york. maybe i can get tickets to one of his shows. i appreciate jazz very much and i feel it would be worth seeing him live, actually expressing himself in front of me with his sax, and not just listening to the same thing on my ipod, is worth cutting my hair. i will also donate my hair to make wigs for kids with leukemia, as i have a friend who beat leukemia and i have a strong connection with it. thanks for your input.

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You should try for the New York show so you can see how the better half live

bulbatron9's avatar They make wigs for kids with long term hair loss. I am growing mine out for this cause. As far as your parents giving you some material possesion-that is a pretty self-absorbed thing to expect. I wouldn’t give you shit besides maybe a card that says welcome to the real world!

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Oops! but I think the above will take you there, too.

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