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Is it safe to go to barber for hair cut in this COVID-19 Situation?

Asked by nickjohn9 (25points) 1 week ago

I am afraid to go to a barber for a hair cut because of this COIVD-19 Situation but I am feeling awkward because of my long hair and beard is it safe to go to the barber and any safety I need to do?

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Be sure to wear a mask. Also, call in advance and ask what protective measures they are using. I am going on Tuesday and asked and my place has spaced out their chairs and all wearing masks and cleaning a lot. Also, use hand sanitizer or wash your hands right after.

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In Georgia, they will cut hair but not beards. I tried last weekend.

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I’ve been using clippers to cut my own hair. It looks pretty bad, but it’s better than someone breathing directly above me for 30 or more minutes. For me, Safety > Style.

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I had my haircut sitting outdoors. We both wore masks. They take your temperature with a non-contact thermometer and keep contact records, name, phone, email, of who is having what done. Also all hairstylists in NY must be tested every 2 weeks.
It’s not a perfect solution but it is better than nothing.
I tipped very well.

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I’m using a woman who is the only operator and proprietor of the shop. You schedule an appointment where you are the only customer there and she asks her next appointment to sit in their car until she is finished with the person in the chair and has time to disinfect the area. When all is clear, she goes out and asks them to come in. I wear my mask going in and she’s wearing her mask plus she puts on her gloves before starting on a new customer. I don’t think I’d go to one of those mall salons where there are 10 stylists and they accept walk-ins.

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Laws in NYS are such that the place I went to has one client with one hairdresser, and so there are three hairdressers in two rooms. You must wear a mask while you’re in the shop.

My hairdresser raised his prices a lot during the time of the shutdown. I am going to get my hair cut way less now due to his price raise.

They took my temperature before I was allowed in and they gave me hand sanitizer. I felt safe but any time I go out in public now I go home and take a shower before I put my pajamas on.

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I had an appointment with my stylist and chickened out. But before I did, I talked to her about how she was sanitizing her shop and how many people she allowed in the shop at one time.

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