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Just how accurate do you think docu-dramas are ?

Asked by Pretty_Lilly (4655points) April 12th, 2010

I have always wondered about Docudramas as:The Queen,thirteen days,Nixon etc,,,, They rely heavily on depicting what transpired behind close doors.
How accurate do you think they are as I doubt the people involved would ever divulged what really happened and what exactly was said.
*For all we know the queen met with prime minister Blair in her robe and told him she was glad princess Diana was gone as she was a royal pain in the @$$,,, all while sitting on his lap !!
Knowing, Kennedy must had a few girls under the table while conducting his meetings!

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The lack of law suits is pretty good accuracy indicator.

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Crap…... now there’s a creepy image. I think some are better than others, largely depending on the team who made it & their backgrounds. I certainly wouldn’t recommend anyone watching one instead of finding out about what really happened through extensive reading. However, they can give a good flavour of what happened.

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I love Michael Moore.

Whats inaccurate about truth?

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@Coloma Michael Moore’s films are expose type documentaries,he does not react events !

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Oh…alright, guess I didn’t get the full monty of the question.

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I think they are about as accurate as any other instance of “historical fiction”.

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Not sure what you are referring to are docudramas, just biopic type stuff. Films like The battle for Haditha and Ghosts by Nick Broomfield are closer to docudramas

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@mammal FYI you might have a different idea of the definition of what constitutes a docudrama ! But Wiki backs me up with their definition and list of films as the ones I mentioned are included !

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@Pretty_Lilly mammal knows best :p

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