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Do you think these designs are good?

Asked by silverfly (4045points) April 13th, 2010

I recently built these websites: (acidgone & leannclean) and wanted to get some feedback.

From a design perspective: Is the message clear? Is the testimonial section working? What do you like or dislike about these designs?

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I like the clean look of the sites. They are very readable. The colors are pleasing.

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The design is clean, the info is accessible, the information is understandable. That said, I am always suspicious of those testimonials; who are these people? Were they paid?

I would also never buy those products online unless recommended by a doctor. Maybe there should be more information on the legitimacy of the company. The colonic cleanser professes to fend off premature aging, whatever that is.

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Looks like a proffesional website to me.
That’s a compliment.

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@gailcalled Thanks. It would be tough to get these products recommended by doctors because they’re all natural. Doctors usually just prescribe medication that makes them money.

@rebbel haha, thanks.

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@silverfly: Be careful. Rebbel mispelled “professional.”

I buy all my naturopathic, homeopathic, supplements and vitamins at our local health food store. That way, I feel that someone is accountable.

And the general consensus is that colonic cleanses are unnecessary and possibly dangerous. The colon, if working properly, is just clean enough and needs no further scrubbing. (I am aware that high colonics has a fan club.)

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I like them. Good job.

@gailcalled You misspelled ‘mispelled’.

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Yes, i did.
I meant professional.
And it’s rebbel, not Rebbel.

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Although I get reasonable ping times to the sites, they are slow to load – not terribly so, but hesitant. Some images need placemarkers – they jump as the page loads. Otherwise clean and effective. (We won’t take issue with the content – that is another story.)

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Very nice.. Attractive…. Too the Point…

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Next time my lower tract needs cleaning, i’m gonna buy me some that LeannClean stuff.

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It feels top-heavy. All the color is concentrated on top of a vertical list. I’m viewing them with a 1280×1024 monitor. Are the sides going to be filled in with navigation or something? If so, it looks great. Nice, clean designs for nice, clean pseudo-medicine.

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I think you rock. I want to buy this stuff, even…..simple, easy… the point.
Great job!

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It seems any other site. Nothing impresses me or pulls me in…sorry

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Both of them are exceptionally clean and easy to read. I have comprehension problems, so when I say the lines are clean and easy to read, they are!

For me, the Lean N Clean is clean, but drab. I love the way you made the colors on the page not overpower the label, itself, but now it lacks “umph”. Something needs to pop off the page a little more. There isn’t a single thing there that captures my attention.

The AcidGone was perfect! The banner the bottle sits on was excellent! It had just enough color to catch my eye, but not enough to overpower the product. Nice job :)

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I agree with Phillis. Love the purple, but not as much digging the Lean N Clean blue. Other than that, it’s totally effective! All of the important stuff follows the above the fold zone rule.

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@crazyzo2000 Thanks! Er….what’s a fold zone?

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It’s a term I just learned in my graphic design class recently! It’s what you first see when you load a webpage, without having to scroll drown. People have short attention spans, so you need to keep them there by putting all of the important information at the top.

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My first take was like what @phillis said. Both sites look clean and organized, but they don’t grab me. Rather generic looking, and other than knowing that they are about some sort of stuff in a white plastic bottle, there is nothing that graphically tells me what the site is all about.

Research on how people use search engines showed that after a search, when people click a given link the make up their mind whether they have found what they are looking for in 50 milliseconds. That isn’t long enough to read the letter A in an H1 Headline Font. You must tell the story graphically if you want to hook the average visitor and convert them to a customer.

Unfortunately, with products like these that takes some really clever photography. That’s something that budget often puts beyond the reach of the Web developer.

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Are they supposed to flow one right into another—different products, same company? Or be viewed separately? If together, there is a difference in spacing between the bottom of the header image and the first line of text that seems to need fixing.

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@anartist They’re different sites/products, but it’s built under one database so all product management is done under one system which is convenient for the site owner.

@phillis @Ponderer983 @ETpro and everyone else… thanks for your feedback!

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