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What are some Powerful, Easy, Fun and Cheap ways to show someone you love them?

Asked by thezooloft (127points) April 14th, 2010

I’m looking for powerful, fun, easy and cheap ways to express my love to my wife. I used to hide little notes and that was fun for the both of us. Sometimes,I’d stop on the side of the road and bring her wild flowers. I often give her foot massages or hot rock massages – get the idea? I’d like to have an arsenal of new ideas that would sustain my daily efforts for at least a year.

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Pack a picnic lunch and rent a bicycle built for two and go for a nice long bike ride together. ;)

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send her text messages, make her a nice dinner. Take her on a hand held walk, rent a romantic movie, Tell her to meet you at a nice restaurant. Write I love you on the bathroom mirror.

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Backrub. Doing a chore or more for her. A random hug and kiss. Taking her for a walk or run or ride (bicycle). Reminding her (in words) that you love her and why. Complimenting her. Listening to her. And on. And on.

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@wundayatta .. I would love my s/o doing a chore and the random kisses and hugs, that would be very nice.

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Put love notes between the pages of specific books at the library for her to find :)

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Notes are one of the best!

Telling her you love her at random moments.

Take her somewhere she has mentioned or you know she would like: a park, a museum, to hear music.

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Perhaps offer her sex of the anal variety? It ticks all those boxes.

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@slick44 You aren’t my wife, are you?

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Refine your massage techniques, give her a warm bubble bath, wash her hair for her. Cook her favorite meals for her (and do the cleanup afterwards). Study up on your oral sex techniques. Have fun!!!

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Getting two tickets for an event (concert, sports…) which you don’t enjoy and your wife knows this and you tell her you will go with her.

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i enjoy sending my boyfriend a long list of pet names while hes at work. yesterday it was slothbear then a few minutes later loveloaf. honeymonkey. bananabear. he said he smiled the entire day. lol. i love doing notes in random places too….hmmm….ill think of more. i love these types of things :)

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some cut flowers in the house.


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Run a hot bath, fill the bathroom with candles, pour a glass of champagne for her then invite her to take her bath.

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@wundayatta… No, no i am not. You just had some rally great ideas.

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walmart sells cheap flower petals that are fake you can run a nice hot bath and put the rose petals in the water and make a trail to the bathroom w the rest of them. Make a nice candle lit dinner that you can sit in the living room floor and enjoy and watch a romantic movie.

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