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What makes a person prefer selling goods vs services?

Asked by lilikoi (10079points) April 14th, 2010


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I think it all depends on the skill set of the person in question. I am a graphic designer so I sell my services. If I were a carpenter I’d sell the furniture I made, which would be my goods.

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Can you elaborate? I’ve done both.

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I’ve done both, too. I definitely prefer one over the other. Just wondering why.

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Oh, I’d rather create were it all the same, but there’s money to be had in moving product.
There’s more soul in creation.
Distributing products for Frito-Lay would kinda suck. I mean what good am I doing for the world doing that?

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Selling services is probably more difficult than selling goods. I would call the Real Estate Salesperson as selling a service, and I know they can work for days and days on end with zero income.

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I do both but you do what you gotta do. And I need balance or I get bored. One is within and one is without. One feels like more passive and one more active. One is more mental and one is more physical.

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The amount of commission? What ever pays better would be my choice!

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@ambos if you were a carpenter, you’d probably sell your services, framing houses, installing drywall etc at a charge per hour

If you were a cabinet maker or craftsman you might sell the product of your work—especially if you also designed it. Then again, you might sell your services.

Not so hard and fast

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Exactly. I’m a buyer, seller, bookkeeper, hirer, manager, market researcher, laborer, shipper, driver, and salesman to name just some of my hats. Anyone in business deals with multiple roles.
Actually I’m pretty damn proud of myself.:)

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I think I’d rather sell services since the only cost to you (usually) is time, and it’s a reletively unlimited resource. Selling goods depends on a lot of things (e.g suppliers)

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@SeventhSense good for you—what’s your biz?
I do the same in a modest way.
If your stuff is hot—sell by product. If it’s not, use billable hours.

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Odd question here. People usually sell that which they believe they can. Most people realize that selling goods is more dependable and not as quickly affected by changes in the economy.

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I gave a cleaning business and do pressure cleaning etc and an online business where I sell antiques. Toys mostly. I do them all under one corporation.

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Most services are lengthy and unpredictable and people are never sure what they should pay you for a service. (What is considered reasonable in price) Where as when you are selling goods, most people will have a price already in mind for the goods they are going to purchase. The purchase price is set. With services you may give a quote and then discover that they would need more work and you have to charge for the extra hours. Unless you are always going to go cheaper that what is sensible for time you will always find someone who thinks you are ripping them off. Of course, large sale items can be viewed the same way as well. (car, house)

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