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Any ideas for raising money for going over to germany?

Asked by dogkittycat (916points) April 14th, 2010

As I explained in a previous question of mine, I am leaving to go to Germany in June for the United Games of Nations program for youth leaders around the world with my sister. Our dad had been out of work for a year and a half and now makes half what he used to. I don’t have a regular job because if I’m going to make it to college I have to have the grades for scholarships…We’re trying to raise the funds to make this trip possible, we’ve written letters to politicians-30 of them to be exact and either got nothing or next to nothing.

We’ve also organized several fundraisers but nothing seems to be coming in because of the economy. Any donations are tax deductable too, but still only about $200 came in. If funds aren’t raised soon the trip won’t be possible, and we won’t be able to represent the US in the program.

If anyone has any suggestions for raising money or for someone that I should write to please let me know.

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What do you have that is of value?

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Do you have any valuable junk you don’t need? Sell it on Ebay. Right now, the times are great for selling. People are looking for cheaper than retail items, so Ebay is bustling. The more you can sell at a lower price the better. That’s how I came up with the money for a vacation to D.C.

Or, if you live near a populous area, you could have a yard sale. That should garner at least a few hundred, that is if you have the advantage of location.

And then finally, there is one odd job I believe you could fit into your academically crowded schedule: picking up dog poop. It’s not a “job” people think of often, but it can be a goldmine if your area has a significant dog population. Think about it: people hate picking up after their dogs, whether it be the yard or the park. Most are willing to pay for someone else to do it. Look into it, if you can bring yourself to do such a task.

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Try your city counsel, things like the VFW, kiwanis clubs, masons, knights of columbus, shriners, etc. Talk about how you are representing your city and what an honor it is. Also, ask at school, and let them know you’re having a hard time raising the money.

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@PandoraBoxx Good suggestions.

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If your going for a good cause, you can ask local food chains if they would donate food for you to sell- they like that it’s tax deductible. A friend of mine was training for a race that was in Alaska. (I think the run was for some kind of disease but I’m not sure). Something happened, so she was low on funds. She went to chick-fil-a and told them what she was doing. They made a food donation which she sold on campus. America’s fast food obsession paid her way, and she made it to the finish line!

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