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Did they finish that underwater tunnel subway from Europe to America across the Big Ocean yet? And if so, what's that thing called?

Asked by whyigottajoin (1149points) April 17th, 2010

I saw a documentary on how they built an underwater tunnel from the UK to the USA, and it was across the ocean. Did they finish it yet? And does anyone know what they call that tunnel? You could like drive thro it and also go by car or something. Or a metro/train. Idk exactly.

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This doesn’t sound right to me; I don’t think it is feasible. The engineering would be very difficult and the cost prohibitive. Are you sure you’re not thinking of the English Channel tunnel that connects England and France? That is open and is called the Chunnel.

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I can only assume you mean the channel tunnel connecting Great Britain to mainland Europe.We’re still an island though by gum.

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The one connecting Britain with Europe is called The Chunnel.

I’m not sure if it’s a nickname or the official name.

Haven’t heard much about it lately.

I think tunneling all the way across the ocean to the US would not be feasible financially, if it’s even possible, which I doubt.

Guess I should read before I post. Jan got it.

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It was described by the science fiction author Harry Harrison in “A Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah!” about thirty years ago. It seems that the biggest problem will be spanning the Mid-Atlantic Rift, requiring an underwater “bridge” at a very great depth. Our present state of engineering is probably not up to this yet. With fossil fuels running out, I wouldn’t be surprised if our great grandchildren cross the Atlantic this way.

A more presently “doable” solution would be bridging the Bering Strait and reaching Europe by high speed rail across North America and Russia.

Peak oil may also signal the return of commercial sailing ships and dirigibles.

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Plus just the sheer time to drive from England to America would be 30 hours at 100mph requiring multiple stops underwater unless you just assume everyone will use a train. Although it would sound cool (bioshock anyone?) it would be completely impractical and cost ineffective. Also people would rather just get a plane.

And yes “Chunnel” is a portmanteau. It’s actual name is Channel Tunnel.

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I think that you might be thinking of one of the episodes of The Discovery Channels Extreme Engineering !
A project similar to this one!
Also !

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@Ame_Evil “PLUS” Just think how incredibly tight security would have to be against terrorists,,,the smallest explosion would completely destroy the trillion dollar project and kill everyone in the tunnel !!

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Just think about an earth tremor causing a crack in the mid Atlantic. (How long can you hold your breath?)

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The Channel Tunnel cost £4,500,000,000 ($7,000,000,000 ish) to make and is around 31 miles long. The Europe-America tunnel would be 100 times longer. Do the maths moneywise :p. Who will invest in this?

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how would you like to be a tow truck driver on that route?

A tunnel between England and the US would be too far, since people would run out of gas about 10 times before reaching the other side.
You were probably confused by them refering to France/Europe as The Continent. The Chunnel connects the Continent to England. Can you imagine the fun terrorists can have with that? And the dirt they displace while making the tunnel would be enough to create a huge land mass!

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@filmfann Tow-truck driver would suck, but cab driver…

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I am pretty sure that plate tectonics would destroy any of their plans. The movement of of the plates away from each other would literally rip any tunnel apart.

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I saw the same show that @Pretty_Lilly is referencing and I’m sure this is what @whyigottajoin is talking about. The idea was to have a ridiculously fast bullet train that would create a massive vacuum of negative pressure on one end. They were talking like 1 hour to europe or something like that. It was a neat concept, but something that will probably remain just a concept for quite some time (possibly forever).

@ragingloli They accounted for earthquakes and plate tectonic movement by having the track float. Take a look at the show, it was cool.

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Amazing. 13 Trillion bucks, and 100 years to build.
Obama will not try this in his first term. I think…

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The documentary you refer to was hypothetical. It discussed the engineering feasibility of such an endeavor. Apparently the technology is mostly there; the finances and resources are not.

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cost wouldn’t be a matter, because not just US but many nations would be investing in this…its a joint venture..the only thing which poses as a problem is the high velocity with which the train will run..almost the speed of a rocket..the big question is that will humans be able to withstand such speed underwater?

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There is no question humans would be able to withstand the speed. The practical problem is finding the resources for it.

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