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How to go about a Request?

Asked by PacificToast (1605points) April 17th, 2010

My goal is to be the possessor of a graphics tablet. Probably a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet. I’ve been wanting one for a while and want to try my hand at digital art. I want to ask my parents for one. My mother has faith in my traditional art, as do my friends. My parents are already paying for my $565 summer camp fee, and we recently had a vacation to Disney World. The tablet ranges from $60 – $90. Would it be selfish of me to ask for one? Or should I wait until after camp to ask? I would pay for it myself if I was of the age where I could get a job.

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What is to prevent you from babysitting, mowing lawns, walking some dogs, doing extra chores for cash?

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@Trillian The thing is, I have no connections for such things, and I’m already trying to work off the summer camp fee via chores.

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Look in the paper, place your own ad, put a tabbed paper up in the supermarket bulletin board, go door to door.

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@Trillian It sounds really good, but I’d first have to look into parental consent. I’m terrible with children and dogs, I’ve never even touched a lawn mower, chores seem like the only plausible option. j ^ j

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Good luck.

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“Mom, Da, there’s something I want to look into seriously. More than a whim to ask for as a holiday present of gift, more along the lines of an investment into furthering my art skills if you’ll support it…”

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I had wanted a graphics tablet for a while but had no money to spare, plus tablets were all over $100 for a long time, so that was out of my reach. I’ll tell you what I did. I sold used books, DVDs, and CDs on Amazon, elected to get paid in a gift certificate, and bought this guy. Mine is great, it serves all my purposes more than adequately, and is fairly inexpensive in terms of graphics tablets.

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I’m not sure what you mean by this kind of tablet, but my business partner, who is a marvelous sculptress is sculpting Meghan and my grave stone tablet, complete with a bronze reproduction of the Copenhagen “little Mermaid” for a memerial garden around our graves.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land I’m talking about the kind of tablet that hooks up to your computer with a USB cord, then works like paper and pen with a program like Photoshop.

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I would look upon this as a lesson in delayed gratification, and wait until after camp. But tell your parents now how much you want it, what you can do with it, that you are not going to ask them for it because they are doing a lot for you by sending you to camp, and that after camp is over, you are going to be looking for ways to earn it yourself.

In the meantime, snag all the loose change you find, and do without spending any money whenever you can. It’s amazing how much money you can find in change in the average house. My daughter was short for gas money, and I didn’t have any cash, so I told her she could have all the loose change she could find, and she rounded up $98 when it was all said and done.

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