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What's the best idea you've ever had that you have no way of turning into something real?

Asked by Breefield (2728points) March 10th, 2008

I’m not saying I’m not going to take your idea. I’m all up for expanding and sharing ideas. So if you feel comfortable letting your idea lose to the rest of us then go for it!

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A universal Loyalty Card (i.e.: Safeway card, Border’s Rewards card, etc.). All you need is a GUID (globally unique ID), and the various companies could use that as a token while still keeping their proprietary data to themselves. At present, I could never carry all the various loyalty cards I have and still get my wallet into my pocket. So instead I recite my phone number for all the people in line near me to hear. If I could carry one card instead of 20 (or even a barcode sticker to put on another card or keychain), I would.

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Nighttime toothpaste. Mint toothpaste wakes up your mouth and makes it harder to go to sleep, so you need a milder toothpaste with chamomile and other sedating ingredients. It’s all marketing BS, of course, but it’ll get people to buy an extra tube and solve a problem they didn’t know they had.

Also, Night Shift Apartments. Sound- and light-proof apartments for swing and graveyard workers. No maintenance work or landscaping during the daytime.

Gummi breasts in actual sizes (an idea from my early 20s)

Oh yeah, my buddy had an awesome idea (again in our 20s) for a nerf football league for middle aged guys with HS cheerleaders cheering on the sidelines.

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opening my own coffee shop in amsterdam, that would be heaven

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a compact ladder for short ppl that you could carry on your back but that extends up like 5–6ft or even more. I work at pier 1 and we loft chairs. I can barely carry the huge ladders we have to get the chairs up there. Plus it would benefit lots of little ppl. There could be two kinds; household ones that are like step ladders and a compact ladder that gets as tall as 8ft or so. The most important part would have to be that its so tiny you could wear it on your back and it wouldnt be heavy or gigantic ones

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A passport who could allow you to travel to foreign countries without any restriction in time. And no more visa.

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a universal remote made organically that doubled as a houseplant. The idea being you would touch different leaves to change channel or input devices. =)

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