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How do you go about telling someone your feelings towards them???

Asked by lillady604332000 (119points) March 10th, 2008 from iPhone

I like someone but the thing is that he has a girlfriend and he’s like one of my best friends. So should I tell him how I feel or keep my feelings to myself???

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you should show him how many numbers you have at the end of your fluther username

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I really think you should tell him, to many times did I pass up opportunities when I was younger. Dont live with what if’s take the risk youll be happy you did. Even if it dosent work out. 30 years from now do you want to look back and say to yourself I should have?

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This won’t be what you want to hear. But leave this alone. In time they will break up.

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If you care about him you won’t say jack shit unless you want to deeply complicate his life.

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well lillady604332000, my advice is do what will make you feel better however keep in mind the respect for your friend’s girlfriend as well how your friendship considering you are best friends, might change. Put yourself in his place and in his girlfriends place if telling him your feelings will make you feel better. Another thing you are a female and you ladies usually aren’t single unless by choice therefore considering you females are usually the pickers/ choosers when it comes guys, you ladies usually have options. Well hopefully this will help you a little and best of luck to ya.

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@ Iphone35 that’s a reason why I really don’t want to tell him how I feel because I don’t want our friendship to change at all…

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Since you mentioned that you are afraid your friendship will change(or can change) if you express your feelings…I suggest don’t do it.Instead just be nice to him, hint him that you like him, try hard and make smart moves so that he gets your hints.Good Luck

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You should tell him how you feel about him.

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Don’t say anything right now. Maybe there’s a reason why he’s with this woman right now. The timing may not be right for you two. If it’s meant to happen, it will.

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He has a girlfriend, and you don’t want your relationship with him to change. Then why tell him a thing?

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i think that u will only complicate things. Unless you are willing to bear the consequences. The relationship will be awkward for then onwards. The best way is probably to give him little hints here and there? not too obvious ones through. Probably he will be curious and start asking questions and from there you could have a little discussion with him. If things starts to get awkward u probably can dismiss the topic and tell him thats all only a joke. On the bright side, maybe he some feelings for u as well . You wont know. Tough decision.

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I Have the same problem here. i like someone from work but hes in a relationship i have only known him like 10 months but feels like a life time.

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mea05key what you said about askin questions, im gettin the questions. is that a good thing ?

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