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What do you call a sound a paper shredder makes?

Asked by Alana2009 (132points) April 19th, 2010

I’m creatively writing about shredding paper and don’t know the word to use when describing the sound of an electronic paper shredder. Thanks.

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I say nom nom nom I suppose something like shrick would work. If you aren’t looking for the exact sound to type out- then I would use humming or whirring. Your readers will know what you mean. If you want to add an emotion to it (as I often do when thinking of a certain evil copy machine that refuses to do double sided copies) such as grudgingly or hungrily.

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Whirrrshhhhhhhcccchhh crinklecrinkle

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Hungrily whirring… Perfect! Thanks

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My dad loooooves to shred paper in the room next to mine in the wee hours of the morning. He does it then because he knows I’m awake and it won’t disturb my sleep, but I’m up at that time so that it’s quiet and people don’t bother me, dammit.

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Take the “ch” phlegm sound in the name Achmed, and multiply.

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it’s the sound of a household blender when the motor no longer works. you keep pushing “blend” and all it does is make that burnt out motor sound. oh well, guess we have to hand mix the margaritas.

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I imagine it would sound something like this

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A growl.

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Ah…it is the sound of angels singing!—especially when you stuff a bunch of bills in there—LOL

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