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Change iPhone/Mac OS X locale except for websites?

Asked by klaas4 (2181points) April 20th, 2010 from iPhone

Hi all, has been a long time. Since I went to the 4th grade of middle school here, I often don’t have much time.

Anyhoo, I’d like to ask something about the locale of the iPhone. I am know studying French at school, and I thought I’d be interesting to see if setting my computers and my iPhone to French could help. Problem is that when you change the system locale, all web pages load in French. This isn’t very much a problem, except with for example news sites, Google/Wikipedia searches and just general surfing. Is there any way to trick sites into thinking my system locale is still Dutch? I’m using Google Chrome on my Mac with Snow Leopard, but I tend to change browsers a lot, so something that works in all browsers would be beneficial. And how could I get something like this to work on the iPhone? (it is jailbroken of course)

Merci beaucoup!


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Use a Dutch proxy for those sites that you want to see as dutch. (You can probably use your own proxy.) I use a French proxy when I want to browse in French. Been doing it for years. Or you can run two browsers, Firefox and Safari with each set to use one language only.

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If you have a web host that supports PHP located in the Netherlands you could install Poxy. It takes about two seconds to install and there isn’t any configuration needed.

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Thanks for the kind responses! But proxies aren’t really secure to do your everyday surfing on right? Entering passwords and such?

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Oh wait I didn’t read your answer right I think, johnpowell. You mean a web host were you put your websites?

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I’ll try Poxy/PHProxy tomorrow. It sounds awesome!

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Yup klaas4. It runs on your hosting. So you have control. I wouldn’t worry about security. Here is mine.. It will make it look like all requests come from the united states. But some Flash sites like Hulu are smart enought to block this. Comedy Central does work. (from half-assed testing)

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