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Is running my best option for getting in shape?

Asked by ItalianPrincess1217 (11654points) April 24th, 2010 from iPhone

I’m trying to tone up (mainly my thighs) and I’m wondering if running will help. Intense workouts aren’t my cup of tea. Running seems like something I’d enjoy a lot more. Any advice?

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Yoga or martial arts. Tai Kwon Do will tone up your legs in a matter of months so would bicycling!

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Aqua-Jog in a swimming pool

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Running is good in combo with light weights-squats and lunges.

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@Cruiser Martial arts isn’t something I’d be interested in. Bicycling sounds fun though.
@talljasperman I don’t have regular access to a swimming pool.

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@ItalianPrincess1217 well what I do when I’m bored and want to stay indoors is walk around my island kitchen/living room and sit when I’m tired and dizzy…I haven’t done it for awhile….but it works for me… and I go on public swings when I feel comfortable going outside…both are free

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Just my personal experience:

Biking & swimming don’t burn enough calories.Coasting and floating make them too easy.

Running makes me stronger, leaner and lighter. I still bike a lot, but that’s for fun.

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Make a cartoon of Mohammed and paint it on a jacket that you wear as you walk through Jakarta. (You’ll want a light jacket; it’s pretty warm there already, and guaranteed to get warmer as you start to run… like hell.)

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Running or even walking are great exercises. Moving your body more than you did before is always a good thing. Best if you remember to stretch afterwards too. Go for it!!

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The key with running is sustainability. Are you interested in running enough to stay with it? If not, then light weights and walking or biking will be much better for you. Running, especially on roads or pavement, is hard on your joints.

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@filmfann , this just might be my favorite GA of all time! You sir, rock!

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@ItalianPrincess1217 I took M/A for years and had buns of steel…still do! lol!

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