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How do i get a really hot girl to go out with me?

Asked by laxrrockr18 (276points) April 25th, 2010

i keep seeing this girl at the gym and i can’t stop thinking about her. she is sooooo hot and beautiful and she dosn’t even know me. how do i intro myself and get her to go out with me?

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Just go up to her and ask her out. With out doing anything stupid.

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If it makes you feel any better, she probably has a boyfriend.

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By not worrying about if she says no, or yes for that matter.

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Using charm, personality or bribery.

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Promise to introduce her to a really hot guy.

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What do you have to offer her? Figure that out, and work it.

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@Captain_Fantasy Not necessarily true. There are times when women look too good and people assume she’s out of their league or already seeing someone. The best thing to do is to bite the bullet and strike up a conversation.

Oh, and have a lot of money and dress like you have a lot of money.

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@laxrrockr18 And? Do you walk in wearing gym clothes and leave wearing gym clothes?

Also, make sure you shower at some point.

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In your tags you put butt sex jk ?
Maybe, just maybe, when you and her dated for some years you and she will have that, but don’t propose it on the first time you speak to her.

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Tell her your daddy is Bill Gates !

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Always remember that a person’s appearance is the single most important thing about her. Don’t get fooled into dating funny, smart, companionable people who are less than perfect looking. That’s for pussies.

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Thanks for all of the “great answer” votes to my answer. For reasons beyond me, the moderators have removed my logical answer.

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@thriftymaid There is a heightened sensibility now on the part of the mods to any suggestion of joking in the first answer. I suggest you simply repost your answer in a new position. I doubt it will be removed.

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Thanks dp. Why is that logical?

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Try to strike up a conversation by using something logical. For instance, I would see the kind of excercise she is doing and give her some pointers on it, good pointers that I have researched. Then try to tell her about why you are in the gym and what your goals are. Just talk to her like a normal person. Remember to be 1 Confident
2 Smell good

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Before I can give a legitimate answer, I need to know:

Does she look like the superficial gym rat type?

Or does she look like a regular, cute girl who happens to work out?

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@thriftymaid take a look at the guidelines

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I’d suggest to plant a seed first. Come off friendly and funny for the next little while, make jokes like “is that guy really wearing jeans and a wife beater to work out? I remember doing that in high school one day, except they kicked out because I didn’t have the proper attire” or whatever, anything to show you have a sence of humor, then leave it as that, don’t continue the convo. Also, mix up the jokes with pointers with her workout. Eventually she’ll get comfortable around you, and once she is, it’ll be appropriate to ask her out.

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Lose the middle school sense of humor before you ask her out. Assuming the possibility that she has intelligence to match her looks… she could be shallow and attractive.

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Next time you go to the gym you should impress her by maybe saying wow you did really good on the tredmill or something like that.

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Ask her to check out your ripped gluts. This is a tough one because many people don’t want to be bothered at the gym. If she wears good looking outfits, she’s wanting to meet guys or at least be gawked at. If this is the case, just go for it. But, if she’s just wearing sweat pants and a t shirt and she’s totally into her workout, you’ll have to be sly about asking her out. Maybe you can stretch next to her and ask her about stretches or if she’s ever hired a personal trainer and that you’re interested… Those are my ideas. Take it or leave it. :)

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By dropping the notion of hot girls and rather think of meeting smart and charming women.

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