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What are your favorite ways to eat RAW fruits and vegetables?

Asked by SamIAm (8703points) April 25th, 2010

I have decided to do a body cleanse/detox and it requires me to eat mostly raw veggies, fruits, and no processed foods. The veggies (and potatoes) can be cooked a little, ie/ they can be made into a soup as long as it is not hot enough to burn you.

I am looking for creative ways to eat healthy for the next week—no dressings other than EVOO and citrus juice are allowed, unless they are organic (preferably), not processed, and healthy (for example, I can make a homemade guacamole with avocado, lime, peppers, tomatoes, etc…). Any suggestions? Please? :)

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Fresh. Fruits raw, vegetables generally steamed, but sometimes raw.

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Chop up a big bowl of fresh fruit…whatever turns you on and then squeeze the juice of a fresh orange/tangerine over the top.

I like watermelon, cantalope, kiwi, strawberries, pineapple, apples, blueberries.

Another REALLY good thing..( they are not in season now ) is to use frozen whole unsweetend blackberries…eat while still slightly frozen.

I go blackberry gathering every year, tons in my area..( I remember you are in Davis..I am in Placerville! ;-)

Once you are back to a more regular diet you can use vanilla yogurt over your blackberries…heaven!

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I went to a potluck where one lady brought a cous cous dish. There were lots of fresh greens and raw fruits (raisins or cranberries I think) in it. You could try that. It was delicious.

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Body cleanse? How does eating food raw “cleanse”? I eat most vegetables raw or very lightly cooked, and all fruit raw. Does that make me cleaner in some way? I am very skeptical about “cleansing” in this manner.

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There is absolutely no point in a “detox” or “cleanse”. Your body does that just fine all by itself. People who advocate such things are either misinformed, or running a scam. In this case it sounds as though someone has good intentions, but is misinformed.

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man there is nothing like a good fruit salad. SHAZAM

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@DarkScribe : it’s part of it… the main idea is to have minimal toxins being put into my system… this all began b/c i’m going to cut out smoking, drinking and coffee but want to try this as well. i have been feeling a little sluggish and unhealthy and think this is a good way to jump start being healthier

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delicious dressing, if you can use some sort of oil…

fresh grapefruit juice (use most of the grapefruit in the salad, then squeeze into a bow)
crushed raw walnuts (or other nuts). good with frisee letter or any other lettuce and chopped up raw veggies.


put the walnuts and grapefruit juice in a bowl. start whisking (back and forth – not swirling around, which doesnt actually do anything). add a little bit of olive oil, whisk until incorporated, add a bit more, whisk until incorporated, etc…

recipe two…make some sort of raw pesto with basil, raw pinenuts, etc, toss with chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, and raw zucchini for a filling and delicious lunch!

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I can’t eat a lot of raw veggies, I don’t digest them well. I only mention it in case you have trouble too.

One of my favorite salads is Fresh Express Spring Mix salad mix, sliced apple and walnuts with Paul Newman’s light Rasberry Vinnegrette (it might have a different oil than EVOO, not sure?).

I also many times just use fresh lime, a little red wine vinegar, EVOO, and salt for salads, or Good Seasons Italian in the packet with my ow oil and vinegar. I like iceberg, a little spring mix, celery, carrots, and cucumbers.

Bean salad is very good for you, high in protein. I like kidney beans, chickpeas, and celery with a vinegar dressing. I put it in salads and eat it straight.

If you decide to cook a little, I like to keep grilled veggies in the fridge for the week. Slice zucchini lengthwise; red/green/orange peppers, asparagus, and portabellos. I brush a little olive oil and sprinkle some salt.

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I love frozen grapes and strawberries. Just about medium frozen, not rock solid. I also like raw peas on salads, and edamame to snack on.

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@Coloma NJ blueberries are plentiful and cheap in the summer. I stock up, freeze them and have them for breakfast all year with vanilla yogurt, walnuts and banana. Yum!

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A bit off topic. but…those same grilled veggies are awesome in a queasdilla!

I do an onion, zucchini, mushroom, red, orange, yellow pepper quesadilla…to die for.

I like a sharp white cheddar or jalapeno jack in mine. :-)

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veggies, salads, gazpacho, crudites with dip, or make into hummus, baba ganoush, tzadziki, or lots of other wonderful dips—see Sheilah Kaufman books or I will post recipes
fruits, whole, just as they are, cut up in fruit salads or on yogurt or cereal, made into fanciful smoothies

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@Coloma I agree. Cheesecake factory used to have a veggie quesadilla on that order, and they discontinued it. Of course it was one of my favorite items to order. Always the way. Sigh.

I love zucchini and grilled chicken on toasted flatbread (not sure if you vegetarian?) sometimes I put some tahini on it, or you can put whatever aioli you might prefer. Personally I would not put cheese on it, but I know some people cannot have a sandwich without a slice of cheese lol.

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Put a whole buncha fruits and veges in the blender with some ice and blend until liquid, then drink it.

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@ubersiren great suggestion. frozen grapes are unreal. they hurt my teeth because i have the most sensitive mouth ever but i overlook the pain because they are so delicious.

@YARNLADY thats a good idea too. put a lot of tasty stuff in but then also put some spinach and flax seed and other stuff that is suuuper good for you and you wont even taste it :) :) :)

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@ubersiren just as a side note, if your mouth and teeth are sensitive, be sure not to use any teeth whitening products on a regular basis like whitening toothpaste or mouthwash.

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I am L….., and I am a cheeseaholic! lol

I have tried, god knows…but cheese is an inbred swiss heritage!

I am powerless over the infinity of cheeses.

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@janbb: You must have the world’s largest freezer. My stock of frozen berries lasted me until the end of September.

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bananas in milk with a little bit of sprinkled sugar

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can you eat dairy? yogurt, cheese, milk?

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@anartist : no! :( no dairy, meat, limited salt & sugar…

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Here’s a dark green leafy salad that will give you the luck of a spry Leprechaun!
Eat this everyday for a week and you’ll find a pot of gold by a rainbow!

Chop and put in large bowl:
Swiss chard, red swiss chard, collard green, romaine lettuce, parsley or cilantro (cleans your kidneys)
you can add any raw veggies, I like to put califlower and onions and cherry tomatoes

dressing is just a clove of crushed garlic, squeezed lemon, 3T Flax Seed oil
dash sea salt/pepper to taste (optional)

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Also you can eat raw beets if you grate or julienne them very, very thin.

I snack on raw cauliflower florets.

Steamed baby bok choi is nice. Dress with @OneMoreMinute‘s universal recipe. ^^

@OneMoreMinute: You can actually eat raw chard and collard greens? They have always seemed unpalatable to me unless steamed for a few minutes.

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@gailcalled Yes I create dark green salad combinations all the time, using any mixture of all raw leafs, just cut up. I chop into smaller pieces the collard greens and kale only because they are so much thicker.

The dressing comes from the Gerson Clinic in Tiauana Mexico. They were not allowed any animal products, and the only oil allowed was good quality Flax Seed oil. And it’s purpose was to moisturise the skin. Other than avacado, the Gerson diet has no oils.
The garlic flavor is quite strong, (and I like it strong) and you would never believe just how fantastic deliciouse this salad with this dressing really is until you have had it. I ate it twice a day -every day-for two weeks straight, and did the MMMMMmmmmmmmm Goood! sound every time.
Yes, grated carrot and grated beets are really great on top too, and we also had that at Gersons.
And I had never eaten ANY of those dark leafys before that, and it’s become a regular part of my diet.
The OP wants “Cleansing foods” ideas, and that’s what these greenies do! Chock full of minerals.
GO GREEN!!! yay!

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@SeventhSense I looked at your Gazpacho. Yum!
It’s on my menu for this week.
thank you

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried an exclusion diet.

Anything that starts with “you can’t eat…” never works.

However, to answer your question (and ignore the details entirely), I’ll eat anything if it’s stuffed with cream cheese. I’d eat you if you were stuffed with cream cheese.

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@Seek_Kolinahr: Remind me to add you to my list of female comedians here.

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@OneMoreMinute : thanks for all this advice! can you explain what the Gerson Clinic is exactly?

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It’s very tasty and really refreshing on a sweltering day when hot soup just won’t do.

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If you have a blender you can freeze the fruit and then make “ice-cream”
Bananas are the best for this.

We also have a machine that dries off the fruit (making dried fruit). My current favourite is semi-dried pineapple.

It’s amazing how it can add variety to pure fruit.

Incidentally, I don’t know about detoxing, but I do know that when I am working hard physically my body just wants to eat raw fruit and veg. It’s pure fuel.

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@Samantha_Rae Max Gerson was a German doctor who founded a natural cure for cancer. Eventually his daughter Charlotte Gerson took over for her father. The Gerson Clinic/Institute is an all natural organic place with doctors and nurses to assist terminally ill people who want to heal them selves by detoxing, coffee enemas, 13 raw juices a day, organic veggies and fruits and supplements.
The FDA won’t allow this type of business legally in US because they heal and cure people from their cancers and heart disease and diabetes and everything else that can kill ya. It generally takes about two years on this program and you are cleared of the cancer and other diseases too.

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Makes smoothies with the fruit and just eat fresh veggies. Good luck with the detox! Lemme know how it goes.

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I just run such things through my industrial-strength juicer and drink the result as quickly as possible. I know the raw stuff is good for me but I don’t like the taste or texture. Liquifying makes the unpleasant experience as quick as possible.

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I eat berries raw and plain, or with a bit of yogurt, maybe some honey. Papaya with lemon or lime. Bananas plain or with peanut butter or berries or dried (they are like fruit leathers). Pineapple plain. Oranges plain. Carrots, celery, olives plain. Cucumber with shoyu or salt. Tabouleh w/ cucumber and tomato mixed in. I use onions in almost everything. Salad greens plain. Kale or collards with pomegranate juice reduction (just put 100% pom juice – I guess cranberry would work, too – in a pot and reduce; only good if you like tangy/tart flavors) and a sprinkle of nutmeg. Smoothies are also a great idea. Caprese is another good one – mozarella with a good tomato slice and basil – yum!

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you have a list?!? I’d love to see it! and be honoured to be added

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salad smoothie – I know it sounds gross but you gotta try it.

8 oz spring mix, 1.5 cups water, 1 tomato, 8 baby carrots, 1 pear, a bit of ginger, all in a blender…. So delicious.

Another simple one. 8 oz baby spinach, 1.5 cups water, 1.5 cups orange mango santa cruz fruit juice (or 8 strawberries or any fruit equiv).

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Fruit should be eaten on an empty stomache for best results.

I prefer vegetables and fruit as they come. The fewer chops, the better – and the more the vitamins go into me.

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Fruit salad + almonds = win

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