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Do you say 'I love you' freely to your s/o, or do you just say it on special occasions?

Asked by Sophief (6681points) April 27th, 2010

Some only say it when it is said to them.
Some only say it on special occasions.
Some say it everyday.

I tell my s/o I love him at least once a day, whether it be face to face or in a note or text.

How often do you tell your s/o that you love them?

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I belive it should always be freely.

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Wife and i say this to each other at least once a day. it can be in a text, phone conversation or face to face.

Like the song says, “If You Love Somebody, You Have To Let Them Know About It”.

Kook and The Gang. great song.

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Freely, not just to her, but to all those for whom I feel as such, though not as often as I should.

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I say it freely whenever I feel like it. I don’t like all the sappy emotional crap though so I don’t say it much. I prefer action, I give her flowers randomly instead.

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We say it when parting each other’s company, and sometimes at the end of a conversation on the phone. Those are the consistent times. Otherwise, it’s a random occurence.

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Several times a day.

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He says it multiple times a day and I respond I love you too to it almost always but I’m not the type who initiates it much as I just am not into putting everything we have into 3 small words and if I hear it too much it starts to feel a bit trite and easy.

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I say it every time I leave the house, hang up the phone, or go to bed. He does as well. I think it’s important to say it as often as possible.

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Many times a day. Written, verbal and physical. Notes, texts, emails, smiles, winks, touches, blown kisses, kisses on top of his shiney head, when I walk behind his chair. He calls me Princess, Angel, Sweetheart and Honey. All this after 5 years of marriage. My life will not be long enough to absorb all the love he gives me and I will never have enough time to show him how much he has blessed my life.

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@Exhausted That’s a really great lovely answer, thank you.

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@sophief. Thanks!

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We say it quite often, probably not everyday but a few times a week and not just because the other has said it. We are both very secure in the others feelings and so don’t need to hear it all the time but it still always gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling when he does say it (and, from what I can gather, he gets the same feeling when I say it). It took four years for him to tell me he loved me but I knew very early on that he did even though I never heard it.

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@Leanne1986 I knew you would give a great answer. why did it take him 4 years?

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Kool and The Gang song title is actually “In The Heart” on Youtube.

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I say it when I feel like saying it. It’s definitely not everyday, and not only on special occassions. If I’m feeling sentimental, or in a love-y mood I say it. Or when I feel he deserves it because he has done something good lol or if he needs some cheering up. I feel that saying it everyday makes it lose it’s meaning a bit. I also try to show him I love him in leiu of saying it sometimes.

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We don’t actually speak those words very often at all, we show we love each other daily, by our actions.
Words aren’t necessary in our relationship.

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@Sophief It’s just something he finds very difficult to say even if he feels it, I remember him telling me that he wanted to tell me for a very long time but didn’t know how to. I probably hear it from him about 3 or 4 times a week nowadays and that feels great.

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i say it when i feel it. probably fifteen times a day. that might sound excessive, but we actually just had this conversation last night. as long as you’re not saying it just to say it, and there is a lot of emotion in it, then it doesn’t lose it’s meaning no matter how much you say it. in my opinion. sometimes i just watch him getting dressed or undressed or chopping garlic or drinking a beer and i am just overcome by love and i can’t say anything else anyhow.

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I say it to him, my daughter, my son, my friends, whenever I talk to them or see them

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Whenever I feel it. If it’s once a day or twenty, doesn’t matter.

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I say it when i feel it. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

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I say it randomly, when i feel it, although i had ‘to learn’ it.
It was not taught to us to open up on one’s feeling when i grew up, so in my relationships i had to make the connection between feeling my love for her, and tell her i did so.
Et voila, now it works intuitively.
When my girlfriend has her period though, i am ‘forced’ to tell her sweet things much more then usual, since she feels, due to her period, much less secure.

I love her.

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I say I love you all of the time to my husband.

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@rebbel aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :’)

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I use this phrase sparingly; otherwise I feel the sentiment becomes meaningless. I think many people say “I love you” out of duty (just because someone said it to them). I also think this phrase is too often used in a habitual manner, and thus sounds insincere.

I’d rather my actions said “I love you” anyway.

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I say it whenever I feel it.

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@Leanne1986 That’s great. That must make it feel even more special.

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@Sophief It really does :)

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I say it freely. When I just feel like I want to, or if he says something wonderfully adorable, or whatever. Most of the time it’s just random though. I’ll just be sitting here on the computer while he’s next to me on his and I’ll just feel like “Holy shit I fucking love him” so I’ll tell him.

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@chels Even putting like that is really cute.

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We have this exchange at least once a day:

Her: Guess what?
Me: What?
Her: I love you.
Me: Me to you.

Gross, huh? This has been going on almost 9 years. I love her.

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@tinyfaery I LOVE stuff like that. Life is awesome, isn’t it?

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@tinyfaery Not gross at all. I hate it when people stop saying it. Love is great and should be expressed.

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@deni You’re so cute.

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I tell my SO I love him every day, several times a day. Whenever I feel like saying it. We’ll be talking about something as mundane as taking out the trash and one of us will say it. I like it that way.

I also tell my girl friends I love them quite often. Maybe not every day, but I’m definitely not stingy with it! That being said, it typically takes a while of knowing someone before I get to that level of friendship when we both feel comfortable telling each other we love each other.

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I say it freely and at the moment the feeling overwhelms me…but I have to feel that love is mutual and reciprocated for me to say it so freely.

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everyday! When I wake up, when I go to bed, through emails, on the phone. This is my true love for him. A blazing fire that won’t be extinguished anytime soon. Love is love, I can’t hold it back!

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After 35 years together, no so much in those exact words, but just with everything we do. Even when we argue, we do it with laughs and understanding, not in anger.

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I say it freely. I don’t need an occasion or for him to say it to me. Or out of habit. I say it because it’s true :)

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I’m not big on saying it, which I’ve been working on because I know it upsets my husband. I guess I felt actions were enough.
For me, when I do say’s usually an overwhelming feeling and I can’t contain myself.

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Yes I do but I’m learning some people are made uncomfortable if they think it’s being said too often, like it somehow makes the meaning less. To me when I say, no matter how often, it does mean any less nor does it mean any less no matter how often it’s said to me in return.

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MY husband doesn’t open too much with his feelings even after
29 years so when he says it I look around to make sure no one
is standing near me! lol He says it at the oddest moments.

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