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since an iPod nano spewed sparks everywhere while charging in japan,shouldn't apple recall and send replacements?

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) March 12th, 2008 from iPhone

in japan an iPod nano shot out sparks,shouldn’t apple recall the Janos and do a safety measures check on all iPods?

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One defective iPod Jano does not warrant a recall.

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oooh, a jano sounds cool. I want one.

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don’t charge it in japan
they have a different kind of power
only plug US devices in in the US

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Just to second blunckhouse, one product issue does not make a case for a recall. If it happens often, then recalls will be made. That accident was user error.

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Please site sources for this. I’m in Japan and have not read anything about it.

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This got me thinking of Fight Club and Edward Norton’s description of product recall cost appraisals.

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I heard it on 1010 wins in newyork city

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No one is saying it didn’t happen, but it only happened to ONE iPod. If it happened to 100 iPods, then Apple would have a problem.

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Well japan is thinking hard about either banning it or not so apple should think hard about what to do

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Yeah? Japan is thinking hard about banning the iPod? Somehow I doubt that.

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is dell laptops still being sold in japan?

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Afghanmoose, your sources for this story are not accurate. The consumer product safety commission here in Japan is not considering banning any of the apple products. Nor have Dell laptops been removed. I have lived in Japan for 15 years and have seen product recalls MUCH worse. Japan is not a litigious society like the United States. Products here have been shown to be faulty, killed consumers and only later have been recalled and removed from the market. I’m thinking of a deadly space heater last year among other things.

The comments on this thread are PATENTLY FALSE. There is no ban here nor is anyone considering one. GET BETTER INFORMATION than some radio show.

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haha,thanksosakarob,japan is crazy,you live there as well as do work I’m guessing,well if I need any info on japan next time I’ll go straight to u!thanks

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