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Does anyone know the name of the font used in Spotify's site?

Asked by Alo (15points) April 28th, 2010

I would like to know the name of the font and where to find it. I mean the one in the motto “the next generation”.


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That’s tough. Check they have a lot of creative fonts that might have at least something similar.

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Here is your best chance at finding an answer. This is a link to email the company a question. Just ask them what font they used & get a direct answer.

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According to my magical “hacking” skills (I just copy and pasted the text into Open Office and checked what fonts come up in the font drop down), they apparently use Helvetica/Arial/Nimbus Sans L. I’m going to guess what you’re seeing is Nimbus Sans L.

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I mean the one which appears in the banner promoting the new Spotify. It’s similar to a Helvetica but it seems to be handwritten.

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It looks a lot like Rockwell, but there are subtle differences, most noticeably in the “f.” I took what I remembered from my Typography 1 class and noticed it was a slab serif (aka square serif or Egyptian) typeface and searched for the most common ones. Sorry I couldn’t find the exact font for you!

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Ok guys, i think i’ve got it! It is Sketch Block

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Hello, we call it Spotify Lagom Bold and it’s a tweaked version of the typeface Akkurat. Akkurat was created by Laurenz Brunner back in 2004.

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