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What is a good name for a marching band show thats based on fire and birds?

Asked by NerdPowerLove94 (8points) April 28th, 2010

For the show next year, we are doing fire. One of our songs is an arrangment of firebird suite, also the two other songs are about fire and birds.

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The Pheonix Crash

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The Flaming Beaks.

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Phoenix Rising

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Birds of Fire

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Kentucky Fried.
Scorched Storks.

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Fawkes (Harry Potter reference)

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Trans-Am Marching Band

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The Chirping Bonfire

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Smoldered Wings

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Flight of Flames

Blazing Wings

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The Fire Birds or
Avian Fire

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Rise of the Phoenix
Dance of the Phoenix

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That makes the most sense to me

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