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Does anyone know what drum and bugle corps is, marched it?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) June 18th, 2010

back in 82 and 83, I marched drum corps. It’s like marching band and you can do it in the BIG Leagues til you’re 22. It’s summer, and I hear the drums, the horns, the guards spinning their flags and dancing all over. Do you know what I’m talking about?

I have musical corpsgasms. Huge sounds of horns, goosebumps, music.

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I haven’t seen them lately, but in past years they used to televise the competition finals and it was great to watch.

The precision patterns and close order drill that they do really take intense practice and dedication. Plus I’m a sucker for uniforms of any type and some schools had the best color combos and stylish outfits.

I love horns as I used to play trumpet in HS (my arms were too short for trombone) and our school only had marching band but not D&B corps.

I played in marching band for several years and loved it.

I wonder why they stopped showing the competitions on TV. Maybe not enough audience for it? But I love it.

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I was a band director in the late 80s and 90s…..It usually is on PBS but the last couple of years it is in movie theaters.

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I have seen the Bluecoats (back in the late 80s), the Cavaliers, and Vanguard!

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Check this out!

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What a fun job that must have been !


I checked out that site. Cool. Unfortunately the vids I tried to watch aren’t compatible with iPhone :(

I wish they hadn’t stopped showing them on PBS. If there have been any theaters showing them, they sure didn’t give it much publicity as I was oblivious.

I’ve had to settle for a once a year fix on New Years day (sort of).

The Philly Mummers parade isn’t quite the same with a bunch of drunken guys marching down Broad St. and doing a short choreographed routine in front of the judges stand. But it’s better than nothing.

But, in fairness, they do work on these performances all year long and make their own outfits.

And Banjos and Sax is a totally different sound from D & B, but it tends to grow on you after awhile.

One of the local stations would broadcast the whole Megillah beginning at 9 AM and ending about 12 or more hours later.

Some of the clubs were really great, but there were many others basically ok but…

Even the lowest ranked marching bands and corps were really great. It took a lot of dedication to make it to those finals.

Whenever I manage to get to DC the one thing I want to see most is the Marine close-order drill team. No music, but the precision and those spinning rifles are awesome. Saw it in a docu. once and would love to catch it live.

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Lurve the “musical corpsgasms” term!

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The closest I ever got to being in Co. Drum and bugle corps was the auditions. It was fun, but I didn’t quite reach the bar. But it was a great expirence.

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I never marched in a D&B corps, but marched in many a marching band. One of the most memorable shows was in 1971 when I marched with the American Legion National Championship Band and we opened up the A/L D&B championships.

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I marched in a top-12 corps in 1983 & 1985. It isn’t televised any more, but DCI would be happy to sell you DVD’s of each year’s finals :-)

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There’s a show here next week, season starting. DCI in Indy only a 2 hour drive.

I adore old school Garfield, SCV, BD. I was turned onto the activity in HS band and college.

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The drum corps show tonite was awesome. I had dinner with folks I marched 27 years ago. Scouts is gonna have a good year. Met the girl i’m sponsoring in Phantom.
had the chills….....the sound of the solid guard catch.

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