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Why are you on here?

Asked by bongo (4302points) April 29th, 2010

What brings you on to fluther? to spark discussion? to get away from work?

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To get luuuuurve! I lurve you.

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Because it’s the happiest place on Earth. Aside from Disney World, that is.~

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Because @hearkat recommended as a site I might find interesting for discussion. She was right.

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I came to Fluther to ask and answer questions. I stayed because of the great community.

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I was bored at work one day and that’s it. I’m still bored at work….

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It is the best Q & A site of all the ones I participate in.

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A friend of mine who is a mod receommended I check out fluther. She saw some of the open ended question I posted on facebook, and figured I would fit into the collective very well I guess. What kept me here were the amazingly thoughtful answers, the willingness to debate issues, learning something new. I find most people don’t want to talk about serious or difficult topics, so fluther is like a breath of fresh air, I feel like my brain is functioning again. I also like when I am able to really help someone with one of my answers, makes me feel good for both altruistic and selfish reasons I guess.

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Seeking the path to better bread making

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So I can get as many Lurves as possible & then,,, I can cash them at the Fluther gift shop ! 5k more and I can get the Sharper Image massage chair !!!!

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Because I like to learn new stuff and to discuss with people. Another reason is that I try to keep my English in shape (non native speaker here!), and it’s difficult to find someone to discuss in English down here.

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fluther is like crack. once you discover it, it’s like O LORD, what a rush! and then you get burned every once in a while and it makes you mad like, ok ok i’m going to quit. but then you get that jones just to experience it again and then you get hooked again.

you just keep coming back.

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@Pretty_Lilly Huh? Cash them in?

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When @augustlan first discovered Fluther, she told me all about it and I immediately took interest in the friendly and open community, and the great questions. I joined much longer ago than the age of this account indicates, actually. I had an older account but grew tired of the name. At the time, getting a name change was much more of a hassle so I just created a new account, and here I am. :)

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I ask myself this from time to time. I still have no satisfactory answer. Maybe it’s the same urge as one gets to rubberneck a train wreck? OTOH, some people are nice.

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In the beginning, it was because I needed help getting information on something. When I discovered the points system with tons of achievements to unlock, the hard core gamer in me got addicted. I now visit/comment on this site to try & earn all the achievements. To me, this site has become a game with a long list of unlock-able badges that I must earn. The day I earn every badge, is the day I retire from this site.

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Sometimes I think fluther keeps me alive. I rarely meet people outside in real life, It’s even more rare to meet someone I can connect with.

Of course on fluther you can only touch each other mentally or emotionally. There’s no physical touch possible. So we meet mind to mind, story to story, idea to idea and opinion to opinion. We express our lives (or as much of them as we are comfortable with) through our questions, and people respond both publicly and privately.

It can get scary here—when people are suicidal or worried about relationships or just don’t know what to do about a scary symptom. It can get happy when people share some good story or achieve some multiple of 10K and they are all celebrated for that. Although, in my opinion, we see the tough stuff more than the happy stuff. But that might just be my general frame of mind.

But I am here to save my life. There are times when this is the only place I can talk about everything; the only place where I can be almost all myself (not the physical part, which is very important). I’m sure that sounds melodramatic, but fluther held my hand during some very difficult times in my life, and whenever I’m in trouble, I feel like I can come here and someone will care, and maybe even offer to talk to me, if that’s what I need.

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I’m on here because it’s so much nicer than over there.

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The mental stimulation, the emotional satisfaction, the people, to stave off boredom, to avoid chores and sometimes for sheer aggarvation.

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@wundayatta…....I’m not going to say a word. You know it all. :-)

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It started off as a quest for knowledge. But as an artist spending hours alone in the studio Fluther became my background companion. Any time of day or night there is life on Fluther.

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Bob led me here.

No. Ask MetaFilter led me here. And I felt as if I could be more helpful here than there.

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Milo here; Because people take me seriously and see behind the beguiling facade to the immense brain.

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@Zen_Again Dammit! That’s my answer! Now what am I going to do?

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@Trillian Why, start all over again, of course.

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To feel connected.

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Free pancakes.

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To frivol.

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^^That’s almost “lover” spelled backwards.

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To frivol, or to fritter, dally, diddle away, dissipate, idle, lavish, misspend, run through, spend like water or just squander her time.

* sigh *

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Sheer indulgence.

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To avoid work.

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I’m here for the peeps.

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I’m ghost hunting.

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I heard I could win an iPad here.

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@Captain_Fantasy To win, spend two hundred dollars on the application. No purchase necessary. Lulz?

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I came for the intellectual stimulation, I stayed for the people.

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All I know is this place is addictive…shit..what did I do with my spare time a short 8 weeks ago?

I need to go traveling again….but right now…I have strategically set out my chore list, parked my car on the lawn, ( I AM going to wash it today, lol ) have slogged through the dishes, watering, garage blowing….but peeking in at random.

I dunno, I dunno…..

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