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Has microsoft ever really made hardware?

Asked by eklamor (415points) March 12th, 2008 from iPhone

we tend to compare apple and microsoft a lot. Apple makes hardware and software. Microsoft makes software, and the zune and surface. Did they try the hardware market? Can we really compare the two because they are so different.

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Is it a Jeopardy question?

What is…Xbox.

But you have a point – if Microsoft made a dedicated hardware unit with a user-oriented OS, they could be equals.

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people usually compare mac and windoze.
and we can definitely compare them [:
just b/c microsoft doesn’t manufacture their own computers doesn’t mean they’re not a leading name in the computer/tech industry. and still, people see it as “microsoft & apple” and for more and more “microsoft, apple & linux”
and if i were to compare i’d say….
windows sucks.

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You can compare the two because both company’s products end up in front of a computer user who has shelled out money for something that they expect to work. A more accurate (and slightly dated) apples to lemons comparison would be to say Apple v. Wintel.

Your question gives me an “aha” moment, though. Apple got Intel to design and make a never-before-seen chip for the MacBook Air. At the same time, Microsoft caved to Intel to create a “Vista capable” label so that Intel could dump its stock of soon-to-be obsolete chips into the pc market, resulting in a nice class action lawsuit for M$.

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