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My girlfriend and I are about to make breakfast and she has two month old jarred salsa in the fridge; is it still good?

Asked by Jude (32134points) May 2nd, 2010

Opened and in the fridge. No greenish-blue surprise on the top. We were going to mix it in with our scrambled eggs.

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What’s the expiration date say?

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I would not eat it.

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I just checked a couple jars of salsa in my fridge; one had an expiration date printed, one did not. I assume it was already opened, so I don’t know if I would eat it.

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@Allie Use by Feb. 2012.

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If it’s been sealed, it should be edible. Especially if you cook it. But it probably wont taste very good, and there’s a chance it could make you ill.

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@jjmah I’d eat it. Judging by the answers, others wouldn’t. Hmm…

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I’m sure it’s fine.

The “fresh” salsa sold in the refrigerated section of your local supermarket would have gone noticeably bad long ago. Commercially sold salsa in glass jars generally has some preservative in it so that it will preserve its freshness in the fridge for a long time even after opening. (I’m sure that some will say that the preservatives themselves make it unsafe to eat, but I don’t hold with that crowd.)

I use two-month old salsa all the time with no ill effects. If it gets so old that it separates or congeals, then I’ll toss it, just as if it has mold on top. (Even then, I think it’s more of an “appearance” issue, but that’s an appearance I won’t tolerate.)

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Well now that we no that it is good till 2012, im sure its fine.

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I say throw it out… A jar of salsa costs $5 max. Sick feeling, easily worth $20 to avoid. Peace of mind, priceless.

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I’d eat it.

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If it is still factory sealed, no problem. If it’s been opened but no mold or bad smell, it’s probably fine. Salsa is very acidic (from the tomatoes and peppers) which, with the refrigeration, retards the nasties from growing.

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When in doubt, throw it out. How much does a new jar cost? Wouldn’t you GLADLY give 2 or 3 dollars to avoid food poisoning? If you’ve never had food poisoning, I can see why you’re debating this issue. If you HAVE had FP, you would’ve never asked the question!

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We threw it out. Just to be safe..

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What you should have done is open it up, look at it, smell it, touch it, then kind of spread it out a little to really see what is going on, then you want to give it a sample taste. If that is good then you go ahead and go crazy on that salsa!

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