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How should I get my hair done for where I'm about to be headed?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3155points) May 2nd, 2010

Well, the length of my hair right now is a bit under my shoulders by a few inches. Since it is layered, it is extremely difficult to tie my hair up in a low tight bun! And well, the thing is, I will NEED to be able to tie it in a low, secure, tight bun for when I go for my Basic Military Qualification this summer. Anyways, my hair keeps falling out of it, and it is fairy uncomfortable. I figure I will take the other option and just cut my hair to the longest length I am allowed to for a female. That way I will not need to tie it up.

Soo, I will cut my hair short for this summer at BMQ, just so I’ll have an easier time getting ready and doing stuff. Does anybody have any suggestions for what a nice cut about shoulder or chin length would be? Hopefully a hairstyle that doesn’t get into my face as well. Something that will grow out nicely, and with not too many layers (so when my hair is grown out long again, I will be able to tie it in a low bun without little hairs sticking out). Oh yes, and a style that is easy to handle, and will look nice even if nothing is done to it, for I figure I’ll have no time to do anything to my hair everyday before training.

I was thinking maybe a bob with bangs, the bangs have to be above eyes so that we are able to see when crawling and such.

If I get any comments, opinions, suggestions, it is much appreciated!

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When I went to Basic Training I cut my hair to about my jaw line. It worked out well for the training because I didn’t have to do much with it in the morning which was awesome because I was always so tired.

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Can you still edit this question? Because at first (and for me, second) glance it reads as though you are going to be beheaded, as in, having your head chopped off. Maybe “for where I’m heading” would be less awkward? :)

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@pixitrek lol. That was going to be my joke. I’m still debating whether, if I were going to be beheaded, whether I would want to go out with a nice do or whether I would think: Really, why bother? It’s just going to get messed up when my head rolls across the floor.”

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@pixitrek, well, I checked too late, haha.. so can’t edit anymore!. :\

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… so I was thinking, well, pretty short would be good.

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If you want to keep your hair length, why don’t you just plait it and then roll it into a bun? Layers grow out fairly quick as well so you woulnt have to do it for too long. I have long hair and grew out the layers, now I can tie it into a bun without using anything!

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I, too, thought immediately of the guillotine.

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