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Would you like to congrat "Big John Pennington" for reaching the 10K?

Asked by BoBo1946 (15285points) May 3rd, 2010

“Big John,” a gentle giant that protects us from the “bad guys!”

Thank you John!

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I got the doughnuts for you john!!

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Congrats John.

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Doughnuts all around! Congrats!

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John! Hot damn, my friend. Job well done. I love your posts & enjoy your friendship. Yea for you! :D

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Congratttttttssssssss :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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congrats john!!!!

all this talk of donuts, and there is no donut shop around. pity me :(

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Hey,John! Congratulations to a nice guy!! :))

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John, it seems like no time at all since you joined us, and here you are at 10K. Congratulations to a great voice in the Collective!

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congrats and happy days and all that jazz!

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Totally. I was like, into Pennington’s posts before he signed with the Fluther label.

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Great job John, nice work :-) Congrats, congrats!!!

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You can’t spell PENI5 THONG without @john65pennington.


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Congratulations John! You’re a great guy and deserve every bit of your 10k.
Keep on lurvin’!

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Huzzah and Hooray! A speedy 10k! Well done, sir.

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I’ve been a fan of yours since you joined. Congratulations John! :D

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YAY! Congratulations John!
I smell donuts!
I do like to read your thoughtful posts.

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Move along people, nothing to see here…
Or is there?!

Congratulations, Mr. Pennington!

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Happy 10K!

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Mazel Tov™ John!

It is a pleasure to have your different perspective and thoughts as part of the collective.

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Congratulations! I enjoy your input and am glad you’re on Fluther!

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Congrats Mr. Pennington! Well deserved honor as you do put in a good solid effort here sir!

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Way to go, Big Guy! Congrats to you!

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Congratulations, John! :)

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John, you are the man! :-)

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Big John Pennington,
he is the man.
Protecting us from evil,
doing what he can!

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Yea! Congratulations! Cake for all!

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Congratulations on reaching this achievement, John! (:

Let them eat cake!

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Well done!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Congratulations JP! I figured you may have had enough doughnuts, so I brought…. pancakes!

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ah why the hell not ;) Congrats!

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Congratulations! Welcome to the club. :)

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Welcome to the Mansion!
(Please check your gun at the door)


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Congrats John. Cupcakes for you.

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A good man to have on your side. Congratulations, John.

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Good job. That was quick.

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Congrats, John!

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Congrats on reaching 10k! Hooray

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Congrats, John!

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Absolutely! Congratulations to you John : )

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Way to go Deputy…looks like a pretty big posse at this roundup!

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Oh Happy Day! Congratulations, Occifer!

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Really, I was going 10k in a 5k zone…? lol

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Where’s the Guest of Honor, anyway?

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He’s on the job, ma’am.

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But i thought he was retired?

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maybe he hasn’t seen this?

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We’ve got a special spot for your in the Fluther band. You can play lead guitar.

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I gave him his congrats message with a link… don’t blame me! ;-)

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O.K. Auggie – you’re off the hook!

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CONGRATULATIONS for such a fine achievement! Great work on 10k lurve!

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I appreciate your regular participation here and I respect your experience and dignified manner with which you conduct yourself on fluther. Congratulations on attaining the 10K milestone.

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Absolut spiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitze !!

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OMG!!! This had GOT to be the most belated CONGRATS EVER!!! I didn’t realize you were in here! You some kinda detective now? Hide the brownies guys!!!

@janbb It’s not nice to call a cop “retarded”....

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@Val123 Yuck, yuck – you know I would never call anyone retarded except perhaps…you.

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ARREST THAT WOMAN!!! And yes, I’d deserve it in this case! I was on PM with him and saw Auggies link to here from a MONTH ago! I felt bad!

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Well done, Big John. congrats on the 10k.

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