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What would you do for a Klondike bar?

Asked by guesswho (133points) March 12th, 2008 from iPhone
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umm, eat a raw egg?

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Have sex with an indochinese hooker… without a condom. What can I say, I love klondike bars.

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Take a swift kick to the groin.

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let someone throw up in my mouth

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“Would you…..W-Would you kill a man?”

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I’ll give you a hint….... it involves a chia pet, flippers, a vibrator, three pulleys, and a duck.

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@delirium i think your missing some Astroglide in there =]

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Go to Wal-Mart and pay the $0.69 or whatever it costs?

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@Whyte0ut C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!11

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@WhyteOut… Plus tax, of course… And honestly- I just go to the gas station. (walmart is too far away…;)
@ iceblu… Is that from N64 killer instinct?!

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Iceblu: I prefer KY.

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I would do…
The paper I should be working on right now.
Something equally as frightening. :-p

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@ guesswho… right on the money. N1 =] You get a GA for that

Also its from random websites and what not, of course Urban Dictionary (play the sound too =] )

@delirium – My deepest apologizes, it will never happen again…

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@iceblu… I used to be so addicted to that game…. I would wear gloves, bcuz my thumbs would get blisters if I didn’t… Haha. It made my day that I’m not the only one who actually thinks that is funny! You go iceblu…you go.
@delirium…try intrigue. Costly, but well worth the ducks…

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@ iceblu what is GA? I’m new

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G-G-G-Great Anwserrr =] , i just made GA up cause i didnt feel like typing it =]

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Guesswho: That’s the kind of have!!

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Delirium: that’s something else we have in common.
Iceblu: lmao. Wow!

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@guesswho Welcome to fluther, I’m always here =] I hope you have fun M8

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Yes welcome Guesswho. We’re not all crazy, just the fun ones…. Delirium. :D

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Its all about prophetic naming. ;)

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I am recovering from life shock- nothing I’d crazy to me anymore- just different.

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is- I meant….. Damn iPhone…. Its a love- hate relationship

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Its also a In The Groove Song =]

The artist is Kyle Ward, if you like techno, you should look him up

Heres the song and a asian kid playing it. =]

also…i remember a time when i was able to do that too….=X

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that reminds me of the time when I tried to write “chest hairy” and the iPhone decided on “chew hairy”

If it were in a sitcom you’d have the token iPhone character do something wacky and one of the main characters would say “that darn iPhone”

and then the camera would quickly zoom in as playful music, possibly from the Benny Hill show, would play. *cue laugh track.

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Riser, this is what you get for posting in your office.

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Fluther is created- hilarity insues.

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Nothing. A Klondike Bar isn’t worth any time I’d waste for it.

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have rabid monkey sex with George bush

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