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What are the real costs of shipping a car to the US from Germany(Europe)?

Asked by malthauser (58points) May 4th, 2010

I am relocating to San Francisco from Cologne, Germany pretty soon and I am considering bringing our 1975 BMW 1502(really great condition). I have checked the costs of shipping to NYC and then we are planning on driving from there, but I am nervous about costs when I get to the US(taxes, updates, etc.).

Anyone done this process already? If so, what went well and what did not?

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Check with the local BMW dealers in Germany ( or the BMW owners club ), you may not be able to import the car.

They would call it a “gray car” it needs to have approved equipment including windshield, catalytic exhaust system, ETC.

By the way nice “handle” —— LOL

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thanks for the feedback, i’ll look into that as well. i have heard that this car might grandfather those rules because of the age, but i’ll check again.

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Um, is there a Germany other than the one in Europe?

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I was trying to expand the search results to people that may have done this from the Netherlands, France, Spain, etc.

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@malthauser Oooh, right. Didn’t think of that. Entschuldigung!

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@bob_ there are towns in the US named “Germany”. Personally I think we should sue these towns for copyright infringement.

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@ragingloli Well, I don’t know. Did you guys make sure to copyright “Germany”, not just “Deutschland”?

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@ragingloli Ah, I saw a promotional movie from scientology which said they were located in <city 1, city 2, city 3>, ... and Germany, and we were wondering if this was just a categorical mistake, but it was just a clever trick to pretend they were located nearby as well ;-)

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