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Would say most southerners sound funny?

Asked by guesswho (133points) March 12th, 2008 from iPhone

I say ” yall ” a lot. And sometimes I laugh at my own voice…. But I went to California ( Santa cruz) a few years ago to visit family. While there, I was looking for the wonderful invention of phone cards. So, we made a pit stop at the nearest grocery store. I went to a checkout lane, and politely asked an employee, ” excuse me, do yall have any phone cards?”. The associate looked at me as if I’d asked him to pick my nose- and replied(almost mockingly), ” are you from TX?”. Without missin a beat, I said ” no, AR. ”
I love it

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You know you’re in the South when “no” is a two syllable word.

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lmao! Thats a new one for me!
what about ” you look like a cat on a hot tin roof ”? I’m fond of that one.

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Hey! I’m from Arkansas too! Well I’ll be danged. This is bout as funny as momma roastin a jack rabbit o’er a fire fer thanksgivin dinner… Lol. I like the way we talk down here. But to be honest, its not as bad as people think. I don’t like when people think we all have missing teeth, spit chewing tobacco, whittle and run around with no shoes eating opposum.

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I grew up in Texas, which, as any true Texan will tell you is different than the South. Every time I go back, I cringe when I speak with people there.

Of course, Southern accents aren’t much better.

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asskot = man my asskot tired liften fir wood the other day

boykot = man that boy kot tired liften that fire wood

european = hey dude turn the other way european on my boots

fastenate = igot 9 buttons on this shirt but i can only fastenate

jamaking = hey moo wat jamaking in the kitchen

manynasie = manynasie alot of good looking girls in this bar

whicadidja = u didnt bring your wallet whichadidja

Coutesy of Jeff Foxworhty’s Redneck Dictionary, LOL!

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As much as I hate southern accents (NC native), I despise New Jersey, Boston, and Bronx accents more.

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Being a midwesterner (zero accents), I sometimes don’t understand Alabama-talk, south Texan is ok, and the New York/Boston/Jersey accents are so thick and mumbled imho.

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South Jersey sounds completely different from North Jersey accents. Even though NJ is so small i really believe it should be two states north and south Jersey are pretty much polar opposites.

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Saying “y’all” isn’t just a cute expression; it actually means something. ha ha. I say y’all all the time and wish I could break that habit. Where did that originate from anyway?

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It’s a contraction of “you all.” I think it’s a hundred times better than “y’uns.”

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y’uns is terrible! i mean…. seriously…. y’uns?

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What does yuns mean?

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You ones. Doesnt make sense when you split it up, but none the less, a southern word.

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very similar to young’uns!

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Young ones makes more sense than you ones.

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@ Poser like it said, it doesn’t sound right when you split it apart but a lot of southern words are like that. Is was used to get the attention of a group. I.E.- “Hey, you ones over there”. Then it was simplified to “yuns over there”.

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I thought yuns was like PA, OH speak

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Wow! I say “youngns” and “you gonna” a lot.

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