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What European accent makes English sound most interesting?

Asked by kevbo (25667points) October 28th, 2015 from iPhone

I have a role in a stage play that calls for a nondescript European accent. I’m just wondering which accent you enjoy hearing when used to speak English.

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1. lacking distinctive or interesting features or characteristics.

Um… Huh? How could any accent be “nondescript”?

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To answer the question, I love the differences between all of them, however:

Italians tend to talk very freaking fast. So fast, in fact, I had to stop watching a fascinating Italian detective drama because I knew the subtitles were not keeping up with what they were saying, and I was losing details.

Some Eastern European accents are very harsh.

Like @janbb, I really enjoy the “celtic” accents – Welsh, the many forms of Irish, and Scottish.

Cornwall and Yorkshire, England (two ends of the country, two very different accents). I don’t care for Birmingham as much… too many “f“s.

Portugal. OMG. Swoon.

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Irish. So much so.

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Do you mean an accent that is spoken by people whose first language is English? Like UK, Irish, etc.? Or, ESL like people from German and Italy?

If you mean ESL I really like a Russian accent if you can use Eastern Europe. Italians also. Lots of emotion just in the rhythm of how they speak.

If you mean people whose primary language is English, I’ll say Scottish, but not the very extreme guttural accent. Also, Welsh is nice. Listen to Tom Jones.

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I like the Scottish accent.

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I would say South African or Australian, but neither of those are in Europe. They’re good accents, however.

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A Geordie accent. It reminds me of Scottish, but has its own distinct flair.

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@Seek I’m half Italian. Half my grandparents are NYC Italians and my other grandparents are Appalachian/Cajun. I talk really fast with wild hand gestures but I also have a serious southern twang.

To answer the question, French. But that’s just because I think French girls are cute. :3

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I’ll check out Welsh and S African. They’re all good suggestions, though, so I’ll probably check out others.

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Firstly, you should make a list of accents you can successfully pull off, give ‘em to us and then it’ll be easier for you :)
I just don’t want you trying and failing to put on an accent whilst onstage shudders

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What is the role? Who are you playing? What do they do in life? Surely those things would influence the accent you have?

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To a USAer like me, they all sound interesting. Like @JLeslie, I think I like Russian the best as well.

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I do accents very well, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

The character is a wise spirit who takes over the body of an adult with an intellectual disability (the mental capacity of a three-year-old).

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I think I’d like Scottish for that then. Russian is hard not to overdo; you could end up sounding like Boris Badanov!

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I say Scottish also.

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Might want to avoid a harsh Glaswegian

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Yes, best try for Ewan McGregor rather than Rab C Nesbit

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