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What's your favorite band?

Asked by pervezt (10points) March 13th, 2008

What’s your favorite band?

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Did and no and none.

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I flagged it as spam about 30 seconds after it was posted. Maybe that is why my girlfriend calls me a terrible boyfriend.

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I don’t get it. What is wrong with this question?

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Van Halen

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My favorite band is Elbow.

@Randy: the poster must be in a band or something, or maybe the original question was editted?

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The Energy
Acid Bath
Echo Jet
Luke Mulholland
Clayton Senne
Cat Powers

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Dream Theater i guess
That’s what my profile tells me

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Pearl Jam
The Beatles
The Who
Pink Floyd
Led Zeppelin
Black Sabbath

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Grateful Dead
Cat Stevens
The Moody Blues
The Band
Joni Mitchel
Not the most exciting list but damb good stuff, I just love Jerry Garcia’s playing
The Moody Blues lyrics
Joni’s voice
and the Band are all so gifted, I met Rick Danco(the bass player) and he was off booze and we went and hung out and maybe had a puff or two-he was so grateful he allowed me backstage whenever i saw him after that.

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Collective Soul. If we’re going by ratio of songs I love versus hate overall.

But really it’s all about Elvis, Bowie and Buddy Holly.

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The Doobie Brothers
Fleetwood Mac
Electric Light Orchestra

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or Gym Class Heroes

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It changes as I find new stuff, but lately it has been the Killers.

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lifehouse! at first i just thought they were ok, but then i listened to more of their songs, and i LOVE them. :)

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Nirvana, Korn (of the whole spectrum of my music love stuff they are you know that is the most amazing, love it man, like entering another dimension =D)

also stuff like seether, pagoda, evanescence.. er trivium is good…

soundgarden… yeah

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Yann Tiersen
Fort Minor/Linkin Park
Snow Patrol
One Republic
Lady GaGa

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i need to add to that list i did ages ago at some point =P

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Fleetwood Mack, ZZ Top (is that a band?) Jimmy Buffett’s Coral Reefers, Buddy Holly.

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ABBA my mom introduced me to them, Sons of Sylvia, Sugarland, The Band Perry, Selena Gomez and the Scene.

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Shinedown,Lifehouse,Aerosmith,and The Fray.

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