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IPhone plus Fluther question: what's your experience like?

Asked by Zen_Again (9911points) May 14th, 2010

I don’t use an iPhone and probably never will. I have seen them and tried them out, but I find the screen too small for me. It’s also a little too multi-functional. I like to do two things at once; not 50.

My question is this: we’re all busy and we all multi-task. We all have a PC or laptop, and we all carry a cell or smartphone. I can’t for the life of me think of why I would want to have this fluther experience on a screen that tiny. I would rather go about my business, and then fluther at home or on my laptop when I have the time.

Do you actually enjoy fluthering or anything else on your tiny screen – or is it to pass the time while away from your PC?

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It is absolutely great for killing time in an airport!

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@janbb I get that, I really do, as a time-killer. But are they really that inexpensive there that you’d buy one just to “kill time” once in a while? Here they are still very expensive – not something you’d get just for once in a while use.

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While I do secretly wish the screen was slightly larger I get along just fine on my iPhone. I spend at least half my Fluther time on it.

I do not really use the mobile site though.
I sort of prefer, though it means a lot of moving the screen, the original site. It can only really be accessed via @JohnPowell ‘s special iPhone feed page which is what I use all the time to look over new questions.

Hint: Do not click on the jellyfish at the top or it auto-redirects to the mobile site. :)

The internet on aspect from nearly anywhere allows me to Fluther any time I find myself killing time.

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My iPhone is much more like a mini-computer that I occassionally use to make phone calls. I “fluther” 90% of the time from my phone. When I’m in front of my computer 8 hrs a day I’m mostly working.

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Oh – that’s just the Fluther app. I do use it to check e-mail (although that’s not a big necessity), as a calculator and of course, an iPod. I had left my iPod on a plane so once I was going to get a new iPod, I decided to spring for the iPhone. I kind of have it in a group plan so I don’t have to worry too much about the cost.

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@Dog and @netgrrl cool. Thanks.

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I use it all the time. The mobile site is good for reading but if I want to respond I will wait until I get back to a computer. But it is nice to do stuff like checking stocks and my balance in my bank wherever I am.

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I use the iPhone app for this site sometimes, but never as an alternative to accessing Fluther on my computer. It’s only when I’m not at my computer and I’m out somewhere bored with my phone. Otherwise, I stick to accessing Fluther from my MacBook.

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I NEVER use the iPhone app. I use the mobile page through Safari.

The app has serious limitations (like the inability to post Qs) and is in serious need of an update.

But most of the time I’m using my iPhone cuz I can lie in bed watching (or listening to) TV while Fluthering. Very convenient. I don’t really have a desktop set up and being hunched over a laptop really bothers my back after awhile.

I’m trying to figure out your observation about doing multiple things at once. While it is true that you can have a lot of applications on the iPhone, they can only be used one at a time. As a matter of fact, that’s one of the biggest complaints about the iPhone. You cannot use apps simultaneously as other phone OSs allow. I can’t be listening to Pandora Radio while doing something else, for instance.

As far as reading on a small screen goes, the pinch/zoom feature enables enlarging the text as much as you want. Have you ever tried it or seen a demo?

But what I found most attractive about the iPhone (speaking of text size) is that it’s the ONLY phone I was able to find which displays the info for incoming calls large enough for me to see without grabbing my reading glasses. Prior to this I may as well not even had caller ID since I couldn’t read it in time. Especially when I’m not at home.

I really don’t have trouble reading the info on Fluther since I’m wearing my reading glasses anyhow ( and would have to for using the laptop also) and holding the phone in landscape mode (sideways) makes it easier to read.

I never thought I’d be using the iPhone for so many things when I first got it I was just glad to be able to see caller ID

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Thanks for the answer @Buttonstc – I’ll look into it again.


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Nah, it’s not hard. You can’t edited your answers easily and the permalink things don’t work. Also, whenever I mark a GA. it brings me back up to the top.

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Is that with the Fluther app?

When I’m on mobile Safari and hit GA it doesn’t go anywhere. If it took me all the way back to the top of a really long thread that would annoy me also.

Try it without the app. Much better experience all way around.

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Yeah -meant to say I don’t uuse the app either; just load it through Safari.

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Also I should mention that one can access chat via @johnpowell ‘s link :)

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That link takes one right back to this Q.

But the last time I tried chat, I could read but couldn’t respond for some reason.

But that was months ago has it changed now? Are you able to chat using iPhone ?

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I use chat all the time via iPhone. It works great but is annoying when someone posts a photo because all the text vanishes- never to return.

It is the link to the rss feed in my first post. Click on any question then a chat link is at the top. :)

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My life is basically in my iPhone, and I use it most of the time for all my social networking; email; and computer functions. Like @netgrrl… I occasionally use it as a phone.

I also use the Web App for Fluther in Mobile Safari. I do prefer typing lengthy answers on a regular computer, where I have the live preview and a spell-check. Going back to correct mistakes in a Fluther Comment is a pain on the iPhone.

I don’t use the iPhone to watch movies, and only occasionally for YouTube videos. I use it a lot as a camera and have takes some really nice pictures with it! I love being able to research something when a question arises, and I like being able to make notes, appointments and to-dos in the moment – because I am very absent-minded.
To me the iPhone is an indispensable tool.

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