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Do You Eat Raw Eggs, Raw Meat or Unpasteurized Milk?

Asked by Aster (19984points) May 15th, 2010

I read Dr Mercola eats raw eggs weekly and drinks unpasteurized milk. He also eats raw meat. Do you and why? Do you feel better?

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No, no and no. The milk is right out because I’m intolerant to dairy stuff, pasteurised or not. The thought of raw meat or raw eggs turns my stomach, although I have eaten raw fish, and I do eat eggs with runny yolks, as long as the white is hard.

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@downtide I’m the same except a raw egg, when put in a blender for a smoothie, is impossible to detect. But I’ve not done that in years.

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No to all. I used to make ice cream with uncooked eggs, but I’ve read enough now to know that’s not a good idea. Salmonella is a real risk when eating raw eggs. I know the arguments, but still choose not to eat them nor any uncooked meat. I’ve never had raw milk; it’s illegal to sell it in most states.

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I’ve grown up drinking fresh milk.
My grandmother has a dairy farm. Most of those cows get milked by machine and the milk gets sent off, but she has two cows that she hand milks and brings the milk in for us to drink.

I’m not sure if I feel better… but it’s definitely tasty.

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Not on purpose ;))

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I eat raw eggs when it is served over rice or in tiramisu. I have had unpasteurized milk – and lived.

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@rangerr I am so jealous!

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Yes to all and for several decades, no problems. I love whole milk with the plug of thick cream on top as a treat over shaved ice and raw eggs blended up in fruit smoothies work well for summer breakfasts. Raw meat just happens, I love my meats cook super rare.

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@Neizvestnaya Sounds yum, but you mean super rare Chicken
and pork too?

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No, I barely eat chicken or pork and those meats have to be good and dead. I can hardly bear to even touch raw chicken.

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Ancient, I know, but I thought I should mention to @downtide that a lot of the folks around here swear by the merits of raw milk. Not just for its flavor and nutrition but for its exceptional digestibility. The science of enzymes and such is a little foggy to me, but from personal experience I find that raw milk sits a lot better in my stomach than the pasteurized stuff.

One family that lives near us has milk cows and they use dairy (homemade cheese, yogurt, butter) as their primary source of fat (and they all eat a lot of it) and each one is about as fit and iron stomached as they come. Circumstantial evidence, I know, but worth mentioning.

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