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Long skirts the trend, but do they make 5'4" and under women look shorter than they are?

Asked by tranquilsea (17756points) May 16th, 2010

I was happy to see that longer skirts are trending back. I’ve always loved them, but I’ve always heard that if you are 5’4” and under that you should stay away from them as they make you look short and squat.

Here’s the article I read: Summer’s hottest style: long skirts

What do you think?

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From the photo it looks like she is tripping over her feet. Her right foot is caught on the fabric that is dragging on the ground. Not very realistic or practical. She is also rail thin.
I still like the look of heals.

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Doesn’t seem very practical.. wouldn’t wanna be tripping over that while crossing a busy road (or anything else for that matter!)
But it is a good look on that woman in the picture.
If you want to wear it, and you think it suits you and looks good, and most importantly makes you feel good, then go ahead.
I like the summery, floaty, long skirt on a sunny day style, quite refreshing from cut offs and sweaty tank tops x_o

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What ever makes you feel best, is definitely what is the best thing to wear. Whether or not a long dress makes a woman on the shorter side look even shorter? I wouldn’t necessarily say that it makes you look shorter, but definitely not taller.

I’m 5’6” so not particularly tall or short, and I wear the long flowy skirts because they make me feel comfortable, and they can be dressed up or down (and its nice to have that versatility). So I think it definitely comes down to how you feel in it, but there are definite pros to them! =]

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It depends on what type of “long” you’re talking about. Hems that hit at the calves would be a no-go. I’m 5’1. I like my hemlines to be either very short or floor-length in casual clothing. For professional dresses, right above the knee. These three lengths make shorter women look as lean as possible (in my opinion).
I really wish I was 5’6

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Floor-length is good, as long as you don’t pair it with a long shirt.

A floor-length skirt that is fastened at the waist, with a close-fitting waist-length shirt can really elongate the leg.

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Since I was about 35, I’ve believed in wearing whatever length skirt (or clothes in general) you like and you feel looks good on you. I think it’s generally a matter of the cut of the skirt and what shoes you are wearing with it as to whether the length looks right for your figure or height.

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Short or tall I have always felt long skirts are fashionable and sexy! ;)

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I’m just over 5’4” and I used to wear dresses that reached mid calf, what the “experts say” be damned. I love the whimsy of those skirts. The reason I’m happy that this back in vogue is that there’ll be more stock out there. I only had one place I could pick up my skirts or long dresses from and that was one particular style that I only wear infrequently.

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Wife is 5 ft. 3 in. and has worn long dresses in the past. she probably will again, since she still has the figure for it. i think the key to your question is “the figure for it”.

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