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What's your nickname all about?

Asked by Zen_Again (9911points) May 17th, 2010

It’s been a while since this was asked, and besides, with the new meta and social sections, questions can be asked all over again.

Is it your name or part of it? What’s that number? Is it a childhood nickname?

I’ll start it off: I’ve been Zen on the net for several years, and joined here as Zen a while back. I didn’t like the new lurve system and quit to start over again as NewZen, then Zen_Again. JUst variations of Zen – of which I am not at all.

I liked the zen again because of it’s sounding like Then Again.


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I’ve been using Seaofclouds for about 16 years now. I was studying astronomy and when I saw this name, I just fell in love with it. It is the English translation for a group of craters on the dark side of the moon really known as Mare Nubium.

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I was always asking people for donations of yarn for my charity projects and they just started calling me the yarnlady.

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@Seaofclouds That’s really nice.

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It is a anagram of “Help Jowl On” or it is my first and last name. But I use my middle name in real life. It is a tradition.

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A tribute to the Grandmaster of Science Fiction. It also describes how I feel much of the time.

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I love hosting dinner parties… hence partyparty

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It’s the username I’ve used for damn near everything since I was 10.

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The handle I use here comes from a character in a Monty Python’s Flying Circus sketch, “The Piranha Brothers”, played by a young Michael Palin in drag.

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I love to paddle (more like addicted to paddling) and I go by Kate (K8).

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Trying to come up with an email address, back when you paid AOL by the hour.
I tried many variations on my name, and my hobbies. I love movies, so tried filmfan, but it was already taken. Got annoyed, and just added the N, figuring it was temporary anyway.

Back in the 70’s, before you could learn everything about Russian cinema by having some company mail you the DVDs, I would scour the Bay Area trying to find silent, foreign, and classic movies that I had read about in books on cinema. Long bus rides to get to a theater showing some old Paul Muni movie was how I spent my weekends. Now, those movies are easy to see, but back then, no one in my peer group came close to seeing what I had.

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Buttons is my clown name (yes, I’m one of THEM)

Because it is such a fairly common name, it was already taken on many of the sites for which I wanted to register. So I added the initials for the middle and last name, hence TC (for The Clown). And the only site on which it was already taken was eBay so I just kept using buttonstc. Problem of unique screen name solved.

Plus, it reminded me of the old joke about ” What is Smokey the Bear’s middle name ?

If you don’t know the answer to that riddle, you’re really slow today.


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@Buttonstc You’re a clown? Your scary quotient just doubled.

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@filmfann I’ll second that. Clowns terrify me. I just pulled mine out of the air. I was in a hurry when I set up my account and I had just finished re-reading HHG. I should have gone with Zaphod Beeblebrox.

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Only for children. I prefer not to deal with adults. I avoid them whenever possible. Bunch of pretentious snobs.

“Its never too late to have a happy childhood” is my motto.

Most adults have forgotten how to be their inner child. It’s all locked up.


(with the notable exception of William Wordsworth)

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My Fluther username is the title of a piece of piano music by Debussy, which is my favourite thing to play on the piano.

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Iphigeneia (more commonly spelled Iphigenia, I use the spelling of Jane Lumley) is a character from the Trojan War. She was sacrificed by her father Agamemnon so that the goddess Artemis would provide favorable winds for the Greek army to sail to Troy. The story is portrayed in this masterpiece.

It’s proving to be quite a good choice as countless people have asked about it.

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@iphigeneia your name always reminds me of the cantata by PDQ Bach Iphegenia in Brooklyn

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@Buttonstc I have just adopted that motto – great!

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@AstroChuck Grok is sexual, not? ;-)

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Glad you like it.

“the child is Father of the man…”. Wordsworth


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Zephyr is a character in the Harry Chapin Rock Opera, “The Zinger”. It was not so successful, but I really liked the character. The numbers are for my birthday.

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Ahhh Wordsworth.

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It’s an anagram of my last name. Well, an anagram of Mr + my last name.
I elik gamanars.

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Dr. Dredd was a nickname of mine in med school, because all the crazy shit used to happen when I was on call. Have an electrical outage in the hospital and someone needs to get a ventilator up five flights of steps? Dredd must be on call! Two patients are in cardiac arrest at opposite sides of the hospital and only one person is available to assist? Guess who’s turn it is to be on call! I remember one morning when I came to rounds after a long night with my hair going every which way and blood on my scrubs. I must have looked like a maniac. Anyway, it’s been Dr. Dredd ever since!

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My name and year of birth. I’m boring.

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Honestly I don’t remember. I was opting for either that, Xena or Chainsaw. Symbeline’s been my username on AB too, and I don’t remember why I picked it.

Can I change my username to Xena?

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When I first joined, I would wear a facade in day to day life and pretend to be happy, so I chose that as my user name. It no longer fits me, but I still like it =)

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@Symbeline First, you can be called anything you want. If you like the nickname Xena, then sure. Secondly, if you mean here on fluther, PM Andrew and ask him. Daloon did it as did Marinelife and Dpworkin and others.

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Well um, this might sound really cliché.. But..

It’s my name.

I’m a liar. My name is Chelsea, not chels.
I’m also a pathelogical liar.
Okay no, that^^ was a lie.
Okay I’m done.~
But really. My name is chels k. thx.

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@chels So what’s your name, Barbara?

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@Zen_Again No. It’s Chels. Maybe.

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@chels’ name is not Chels. It is C.H.E.L.S. I’ll let you figure out what the letters stand for.

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Cute happy elf loves songs?

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@Zen_Again Abso-fucking-lutely.

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Mine is from the movie Excalibur. Towards the end, just before the final battle against his nephew-son Mordred, king Arthur pays a visit to his estranged wife Guenevere for some friendly chit-chat (they hadn’t seen each other in some twenty odd years, so they had a bit of catching up to do). During their wrinkler’s reunion he said to her “I was not meant to live a man’s life, but to be the stuff of Future Memory”.

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That is so cool. I had many times wondered about your name. Neato.

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I second that coolness.

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My typical user name is HouseMouse. When I signed on to Fluther my sister was an active user (she hasn’t been around in a while and that bums me out), and I wanted to ask a question without her knowing it was me. I knew she would recognize HouseMouse so I came up with a different name: Supernutjob. Well as soon as my sister read my question she knew it was me (even called me out in her response). Once the cat was out of the bag I asked BenDrew (this was before the became BenDrewImRich) if I could change my name. They said yes as long as I kept part of my previous name, voila SuperMouse was born. In case it matters, HouseMouse was my childhood nickname.

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It’s my name. Well sort of…

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@SuperMouse Oh – I remember gimmedat!

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@janbb, I wish she was still active!

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Tell her I said hello.

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I wish Vunessuh would reply to this question!

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py_sue is a shortened version of a high school nickname, psycho sue. I’m not a crazy person, :).
It’s because of how I’d act at lunch. Gym was always before lunch and often I’d be be really giddy because that’s usually when I’d have sugar. I’d laugh at anything for, like, 5 or 10 minutes. Stuff from tv the night before, stuff from class, most anything. It was usually very entertaining to watch. I shortened psycho to py becuase it’s weird to see it on a letterman’s jacket.
My name isn’t sue, BTW.

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