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How will pinhead-sized cameras change the world as they become more inexpensive and widespread?

Asked by mattbrowne (31661points) May 17th, 2010

Once they are small enough to be attached to insects, those insects could replace traditional spies. We could learn everything that is going on in countries like North Korea and Iran. Or the oval office.

Or how about a few insects released into the home of your teacher who is designing a classroom test for the next day? Takes cheating to a whole new level, doesn’t it?

What about the future of voyeurism? How private will sex be in the future?

What else could fundamentally change our world once pinhead-sized cameras cost one buck a piece or less? Could it mean big brother becomes real without anyone noticing?

What are your thoughts?

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“Big Brother” watching everywhere. An Orwellian nightmare. I hope I don’t live long enough to experience it.

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It just means signal jammers will be more common to protect our privacy. Every time a new tool is developed, an appropriate counter-tool is produced within a few months.

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Privacy will fly totally out the window. Politicians will have no expectation of private “off” moments.

People can expect to see their private moments on YouTube.

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I am going to hate it as I am always going to have to look my best. No more getting away with bad hair days.

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Remember when video cameras first came out, and someone you knew would set it up in his living room, so he would watch you while he “excused himself” for a few minutes?
Now, they will be able to easily place such things in YOUR bathroom, and not get caught easily, like that perv who worked for the Geek Squad.

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@mattbrowne…The future of voyeurism? What, is there a movement somewhere? That is the first honest laugh I’ve had all day. Thank you.
I guess if you say it’s going to be possible I’ll believe you, but how would one control where the bug went? How would one hold the dang thing still and looking in the right direction? What happens when a bird snaps it up?
I can’t imagine that anyone would find me interesting enough to watch, but I’m guessing that legislation will just have to keep up with the technology. I’m sure there will be plenty of debate on both sides of the issue.

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Battery technology will increase tremendously.

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Na. Another angle to make a buck.

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@Trillian – There seems to be a huge market of consensual voyeurism on the Internet with folks paying a lot of money to see others getting undressed. Well, I don’t want to give voyeurs any ideas, but they could buy a dozen prepped house flies, sneak into the garden of the women they secretly adore, search for open windows, then release the insects. The poor woman might not see them as a threat because house flies don’t sting. And a few of them will enter her bedroom when the door is open.

Peeping Toms would have a field day.

And I think the tiny cameras should not be a problem for birds. Their stomachs will treat them as fiber.

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@FireMadeFlesh – Yes, there would be a new market for counter tools. But consider how many people don’t have reliable firewalls and virus protection on their computers. So a few insects would in fact be able to transmit live pictures from people’s bedrooms. I’m sure the White House will get the best protection there is. Barack and Michelle are safe.

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@Trillian What happens when a bird snaps it up?

The same thing that happens when a human needs a capsule endoscopy. It eventually all comes out in the wash. :-)

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@Dr_Dredd talk about your bird’s eye view!

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