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Facebook should I stay a part of the 'fb' community or jump ship so to speak?

Asked by ththththth (241points) May 19th, 2010

This came to my attention and I am unsure as to the arguments put forward. Firstly I use Facebook as a tool for my acting. I however don’t wish to support something that is fundamentally wrong. Please help.

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What’s the question?

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on the link there are some good reasons to leave the facebook community. Wanting your opinion on whether leaving facebook is a good Idea?

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(now my answer seems silly since you reworded the question).

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I ‘jumped ship’ about two months ago and I am still a) in contact with all my friends, b) not in contact with friends I don’t want to be in contact with, c) alive, and d) not worrying about privacy issues or the fact that all Facebook profiles are really the same and the whole concept is an affront to ‘individuality’ and ‘personal identity’ and other supposedly important things like that.

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It seems dumb to me, facebook seems completely useless. I’m not going to bother quitting, just doesnt seems worth the effort. Plus, I think they keep your info even after you leave.

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I’ve renewed old friendships and I like a couple of the games. I do wish they would stop revising their privacy conditions. I have to believe they do it so they can sell our information. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with your link. I didn’t click it.

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I left. Partly because my interest in it dropped off dramatically (so having an account was pointless), and partly because of the privacy stuff. Unlike what your link says, quitting wasn’t hard at all. I closed it out one day, never went back, and never had the desire to.

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I plan on jumping ship this weekend, after I amass the info I need so I can keep in touch with those who I care to. I’m quitting mostly as a boycott.

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I was wondering about this too. I have “quit” before though, but I can still log into that old account with my old email address and password and everything is exactly as I left it. I do it sometimes to spy on old friends! If it’s all still there, what’s the point of quitting? Surely once you post information on the internet, it’s there forever, somewhere?

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I ain’t quitting. I control what I put on that site. As long as we don’t put up info that can be used against us I don’t see the problem.

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@jeanmay You can choose to completely delete your account. Your info stays on their servers for some amount of time after you cancel but before the actual data is deleted, but nobody really knows how long.

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@ShiningToast Thanks! I’m seriously considering it in light of the security issues.

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According to a test by the german public consumer agency ‘Stiftung Warentest’, facebook, together with myspace and likedin, were the worst sites in terms of privacy, user rights, usage of personal user data and transparency (because they refused to allow a test of their security).
One of the reasons, apart from the overall uselessness of the concept, is why I have no social networking account anywhere.

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I would certainly argue that Fluther is a social networking site and that you @ragingloli do have an account

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And I would argue that you are wrong.
Anyway, all the information I give on here is fake anyway, so whatever.

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