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Does anyone have a blog they'd like to share?

Asked by poofandmook (17272points) May 20th, 2010

I know it’s been asked, and a lot of people have them in their profiles, but that’s a lot of profiles to go through, and I know a lot of people like me are always looking for a fun new blog to read! So if you have a blog you don’t mind us Flutherites knowing, would you mind posting the link here?

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I don’t. But you’ve just reminded me that I had a dream about starting a blog last night… and that was extremely random. :)

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well start one, and then give us the link! lol

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I’ll get right on that.

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I like the VIBE blog very much, to every now and then come back to.

It is a bout brands and how companies go about promoting them, ripping them off, havimng success and fail miserably.

There is one setback though for all the analfabeten amongst you…. it is in Dutch. :-/
(It still contains some great images and videos that still make it worthwhile.)

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mine is It’s just what it sounds like.

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My blog is on Tai Chi, Theatre and Teaching:

It’s bilingual; I think about ¼ Chinese, ¾ in English.
So if you land on a Chinese entry, look on the right and you’ll see lots of English ones.

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Soon to be overhauled bigtime

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@whitenoise looks good! especially
@mrentropy link doesn’t work

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Doh. Slashes in wrong direction last time. Well, at least I know how to use a red text color when I need it.

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@mrentropy slashes were backward

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I have enough posts on mine now to share it.


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