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What effect will the BP oil spill have on shrimp, caught in the Gulf?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) May 21st, 2010

I am a shrimp lover. a vast majority of Americas shrimp comes from The Gulf of Mexico off the southern coast of the U.S. will the BP oil spill have any effect on future harvested shrimp from that area and will the price of shrimp now be out of sight, because of the spill?

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There’s already a moratorium on commercial fishing. Last I heard specifically it covered to the Panhandle of Florida, but it’s expected to reach as far south as Naples. Expect prices to go up.

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The shrimpers in Louisiana are not going out, therefore no fresh gulf shrimp.

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(( @Tropical_Willie – there are a lot of places that touch the Gulf, that are not Louisiana. Florida’s still allowed to fish, for now, and we have a good 250,000 commercial fishermen. ))

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It appears that the price of shrimp will spiral upwards, just like gasoline. i guess i should go buy all the shrimp i can afford and freeze it. scratch that. thats greed and i am not a greedy person. i guess i will just have to suffer like everyone else, when it comes to shrimp. thanks, everyone for the answers.

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That’s not greed – that’s planning ahead. Like a good Boy Scout.

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Seek, i was a boy scout for many years. i was taught not to be greedy in the scouts and that has stuck with me all my life. to “plan ahead”, i may buy one huge package of frozen shrimp and tuck it away in my freezer. thanks.

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Plenty of our Shrimp come and has been coming from over seas.

Here on the east coast of Florida. You would thing the shrimping business would be booming. But it is not. The demand for fresh shrimp is over shadowed buy what can be gotten (cheaper) from the Asian market.

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It’s a shame the oil spill wasn’t veggie oil, then you could just fry up the shrimp straight out of the Gulf…

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Think @ChazMaz covered all the bases. John, what scares the “heck out me,” if a hurricane hits in that area…catastrophic in so many ways!

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I’m just itching to get to the beach a couple of times this year before they’re ruined forever.

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Those shrimp fisherman, and all fisherman in that area, and now maybe the Atlantic, have lost their livelyhood.

Shrimp prices will skyrocket.

Obama is being a bit quiet as he has been promoting off-shore oil drilling. This explosion has been intense, and they dont really know how to cap it. Hopefully Sunday the mud can plug the big leak…... :(

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I haven’t been following up on the BP oil spill, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the shrimp did have an affect wit the oil spill.

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The oil spill will have a huge effect on seafood out of the gulf…and, elsewhere,should the oil migrate to other areas.

I had oysters yesterday and thought they were local (off the coast of NC). Afterward, I was informed that they were probably the last of the ones from the Gulf. We harvest a lot of shrimp, oysters, flounder and more. Soft crab is in season. There is such an abundance that the crabbers are getting low low prices for their bumper crop. However, the restaurants…while they’re buying at an extremely low price…are charging profane prices.

When there is a crisis, like the oil spill, it’s amazing what people get away with. Just amazing.

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without saying, a huge impact on the lives of the people in La.! More so than the industry.

Again, cannot believe BP is still in charge of the operation. Odvious, they don’t care..number one! Secondly, they apparently are not making any progress in stopping this mess!

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